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About Me

Age 33
Location Finland
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Baseelim and duel.
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Saiyan Aug 26, 2022

Sick tattoo ya lil fuck boy.. I know you're a bottom bitch and you wanted to provide your BF some good scenery while he's pounding you from behind, but an Eagle with your subspace nickname below it? And you called me weird?? LMFAO...

Whimp Apr 23, 2017

Would you mind making me cap again? :) (Sage)

Transsexual Mar 22, 2017

for sure a homo

Randle Dec 21, 2014

beats the hell outta my "R" tattoo :p

Spotify Oct 25, 2014

Yes Yoj, u r a homo.

Frightful Aug 20, 2014

Why you have a pidgeon on your back? That part of your Pokemon collection or what?

pee pee sock Aug 18, 2014

to pussy fuk to get it filled in?

lopist Jun 19, 2013

this isnt a dating site

LiL*PiGGy Jan 14, 2013

Oh my god LOL

TaxiToFlag Jan 10, 2013


ZypheN Jan 09, 2013

I think you like yourself a little too much.

fakiiri Jan 09, 2013


fakiiri Jan 09, 2013

Does your mom know what youre doing?

pee pee sock Jan 09, 2013

omg. wtf. jerk off to ur self in the mirror much? my fuk, never seen some one so in love with them self. wtf.

YojimbO^ Jan 09, 2013


Hunt Jan 08, 2013

renzi..it's clearly a semi....

RENZI Jan 08, 2013

why the hell do you have pics of you in your underwear with a fucking hard on you god damned faggot

pee pee sock Dec 05, 2012

jackie chan wannabee lookin muther fuker

pee pee sock Dec 05, 2012

fukin skinny ass spegetti armed fuk. who the fuk r u, who the fuk do u think u r

Scarfaze Aug 15, 2012

Mickey Mouse

Scarfaze Aug 15, 2012

Where did you forget your shirt man?

lag killer Aug 08, 2012


Kinky-Girl Jun 26, 2012

is she 40? lol

Kinky-Girl Jun 26, 2012

makes her look like shes 40..

Kinky-Girl Jun 26, 2012

your gf is wayyyyyyy to tan.

lopist Oct 19, 2010


Nurse Sep 22, 2010

You forgot to button your shirt :)

Aldur Feb 01, 2010

pistäs lyhyistä hiuksista kuvaa <3

chars! Jan 11, 2010

where do u live? i just noticed the kibon icecreammmm :D

Menthol Dec 19, 2009

finger in the electrical socket.. works every time.

Necromotic Nov 26, 2009

lol it is my car

Tank55 Nov 14, 2009


Aldur Nov 14, 2009

oot ihme leija :P aina paita auki :D

Zazu Nov 12, 2009

LOL Nixi telling him his hair is floppy. No idea what it means but it sounds like it fits the look.. Tell em Nixi!

FemalePersuasion Nov 12, 2009


Nixi Nov 12, 2009

Your hair, sir, is most floppy. Most floppy, indeed.

lag killer Nov 12, 2009

shot caller

Squadless Nov 12, 2009

zazu beat me to everything i wanted to say

Zazu Nov 11, 2009

You ever close your shirt? And what's up with your hair? Using your girl's shampoo or something ?

Healt Nov 11, 2009

jos ei näillä heru niin ei millää ;D

adam Nov 10, 2009

"oh its so hard to keep my shirt on with all the wind we have in europe." you look like a suave shampoo commercial waiting to happen

reability Nov 03, 2009

oh ok :D i definately like your hairstyle =)

Hunt Nov 03, 2009


Aldur Nov 02, 2009

kyllä kyllä, heti ku 1. et oo töis 2. et oo muijas kaa :P

war_bringer Nov 02, 2009

surfs up brah

Goddess Nov 02, 2009

Audrey has no filter lol... <3 Roi :D

Audrey Nov 02, 2009

what the fuck is up with your hair.......

MythriL Nov 02, 2009

but i would fuck your abs

MythriL Nov 02, 2009

the popped collar is killing me

Aldur Nov 01, 2009

sä oot niin leija :<

soupero Nov 01, 2009

you should stay with your blonde hair

reability Nov 01, 2009

Is this your little brother? or your kid? :o Ihana Roi <3

Nemon Jul 01, 2009

juu :D no mä lähin jo menee, iha kusipäist porukkaa.

Nemon Jun 28, 2009

ihme fruitti :D

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

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Kittah Monster Jun 10, 2009

OMGOSH its a Roiwerk! :D!! i always thought roiwerk sounded like a pokemon. :P i have a pokebawls name ( Mismagius ) haha! anyways :P your adorable &lt;3 but that green hair is pretty wild.

Goddess Jun 08, 2009

Love that 2nd pic :D

L3MU3L Jun 08, 2009

lol @ your face in that first pic

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

go green

Ignite Jun 08, 2009

HEIPS &lt;3

PWND Jun 06, 2009


Rige Jun 02, 2009

fruitti :(

Squazzie May 29, 2009

u should take down the johny depp posters in your room!

Weak May 24, 2009

:) is your hair still the same as in the pic?

Weak May 23, 2009

lovin the hair $$

Shan May 23, 2009

Tommii :D

Golden_Aim May 22, 2009

siisti letti

Democrat May 21, 2009


Ignite May 21, 2009


Exalt May 21, 2009

LOOOOL holy shit that hair is crazy man

t0ma May 21, 2009

Oscar the Grouch wants his damned hair back!