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Age 35
Location ohio
Gender Male
Where I can be found basing


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Invincible Jan 03, 2018

cranium the board game is darn fun, found one after a long time and seems kind of cool - nice to be with on squad, good alias on a game also though eh

pee pee sock May 29, 2013

u iaght

Zazu Feb 06, 2010

I <3 Roma..

chars! Feb 06, 2010

to put a wheel in this car

MythriL Feb 05, 2010

Grapevine represent! cran is the man

SolidSnake~ Feb 05, 2010

did you flip a coin in the fountain

Zazu Feb 05, 2010

Pic 3 is probably the smallest one on this gallery... Need a magnifier to see what's on there!

PWND Aug 19, 2009

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL "Kitten wants a homemade vid. 2 guys 1 spaceship."

joemoma Jul 27, 2009

i was lookn through facebook cant believe theres no pics of us wasted doing somthing stupid.. gotta fix that

Democrat May 24, 2009

yo where's cripple, lawn getting bad

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

you look like one epic nolife. lolol

Imagine May 04, 2009

Kitten wants a homemade vid. 2 guys 1 spaceship.

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 29, 2009

i love gay porn... and FYI my birthday is coming up!

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

i agree

infrared Apr 19, 2009

so you like reaver huh?