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About Me

Age 34
Location Afghanistan
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.myspace.com/Skinnysabre420 (Me) & www.myspace.com/Innocenceaquestion (Music)
Where I can be found ?go elimbeta & ?go twdd-twdd4 & ?go javs
More about me Go Fuck Yourself. Fukin newb.

Things I Like 
Books Suck
Movies My
Musics Fucking
Songs Dick


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Cadbury Dec 02, 2011

oi you

Swig Nov 05, 2009

Silver Skeeter

Cadbury Oct 19, 2009

very xD

Cadbury Sep 19, 2009


Kittah Monster Sep 08, 2009

Not Impressed. but i <3 you anyways and worry about you always.

pee pee sock Aug 27, 2009

hooker fucker

pappa Aug 19, 2009

why not use SOLO cups?! WHY

Kid Kaos Aug 10, 2009

You need Proactive

Weak Aug 10, 2009

lol agreed wit RIP

Swig Aug 02, 2009

yes you are :P~

R.I.P Jul 26, 2009

nice hookers. /:

Exalt Jun 20, 2009

Better cut your hair before the navy. They are gonna eat you alive.

Gripe Jun 14, 2009

oh ok, that is acceptable.

Confederate_Flag Jun 12, 2009

vaguely haha

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

Still need a haircut, not gonna let it go

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

WOW, All you kids need a damn haircut.

Confederate_Flag Jun 09, 2009

just kidding

Confederate_Flag Jun 09, 2009

dude next time you get a hooker, make sure they're hot :)

PWND Jun 05, 2009

Damn straight.

Lycanthropy Jun 05, 2009

rofl, I'm going to delete the pictures with my friends if I keep getting the "hooker fucker" comments.

pee pee sock Jun 04, 2009

me gots a mohawky, but theres no gel in it, so its a fluffy fagget ball of hair. gg hooker fucker

Democrat Jun 03, 2009

Why are those 10 year old boys dressed like girls?

Ohmalee Jun 03, 2009

thats one goofy looking grill then. lol

Ward Jun 03, 2009

cos nerd.. that's my friends car

PWND Jun 02, 2009

Haha thanks =) I was really happy. It's a candid photo which means it wasn't a pose, it was real. I was falling backwards on the swing and my friend decided he should take a pic. :P It was great. =D

danyell!! Jun 02, 2009

No... I do have an idea.. When i was 15 i got my bellybutton pierced and the next day i ripped it out on a door =/

Ohmalee Jun 02, 2009

Brace face..

Lycanthropy Jun 02, 2009

ROFL They aren't really hookers.. It was the theme of the party. Also what are you talking about Danyell!!?

danyell!! Jun 01, 2009

I've been a girl for almost 20 years now. haha... and OW. That made me hurt man.

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

hooker fucker.

L3MU3L Jun 01, 2009

Talk about some ugly strippers! damn son! lol

Cadbury Jun 01, 2009

Why cry if -2ez- GG feeling the hookas?