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Age 37
Location Seattle
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Elim, Tourny

Things I Like 
Movies PORN
Musics ROCK


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Lrim Sep 12, 2016

bunch of deplorables

WO Sep 12, 2016

dat hat

Ribblet Sep 10, 2016

solid hat

soupero Mar 06, 2016


Lrim Feb 26, 2016

nice red hat

Kinky-Girl Feb 25, 2016


Mani2312 Jan 24, 2016

yes raizin, lick her finger is there a bogey on it?

SolidSnake~ Sep 15, 2010

Whichever week we play, I gurantee you that I will win.

Arsen Feb 13, 2010

ablazed b ez

Raynefreeze Nov 28, 2009

raizinub, join phailboat

chars! Sep 17, 2009

oooooooooooooo so cute ! :DDDDDDD

Goddess Sep 16, 2009

Yeah very adorable kids... :X

Audrey Aug 30, 2009

thats some CUUUUUTE kids =D

Wayspace Aug 04, 2009

Lookout!! Your leg is on FIRE!

reability Jul 02, 2009

candymaaan ooooh candymaaan.. the candyman can

KuleniKs Jun 30, 2009

LOL. ?message me with your address and I actually will do it. You can wear it when Hasselback gets hurt in the middle of the season :P

KuleniKs Jun 30, 2009

Shaun Alexander jersey lololo. .5 YPC ftw.

Exalt Jun 26, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 24, 2009

damn man how am i supposed to make fun of you when all u post is your kids :\

Hate The Fake Jun 24, 2009

ps whos the dad? (kids are blonde :P)

Hate The Fake Jun 24, 2009

Seahawks jersey? You know your gay when.... Lol jk nice pics

OmniRocky Jun 24, 2009

Sweet lookin kids, bud. Nice family. I see a lot of fun and a lot of love. And hawt fossil, I've got one, too. :D

Raizin Jun 24, 2009

thanks for the comments, most these pictures are 1-2 years old. I need to put some more recent ones on my PC to upload. Yes thats alot of candy, no its not a rolex its a 20 dollar fossil, and yes... yes PPS im white.

reability Jun 24, 2009

nice pics :) ur kids are sweet, but still.. i cant decide which smile scares me more.. the pumkin or the one of your lil :o greets

getting pwned Jun 24, 2009

lol pps comment..

pee pee sock Jun 24, 2009

thank you for bein white. gg

Mobey Jun 24, 2009

nice watch, rolex?

PH Jun 24, 2009


wicket666 Jun 24, 2009

wow raizin took like 500 hours to get this to come up so many pictures.lol nice family(ps) steal that car!vroom vroom

Money Jun 24, 2009

HOT BRO, hot. ur kids look just like u $