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Ixador Jul 23, 2020

10100100110010101001001100010010100100100100100100 10010010010100101001101011101101001 Translation: Welcome to Synth Bots--Enjoy your stay my fellow robot friend. -ixabot

Wookiee's Cookies Dec 06, 2017

can you upload the picture of your friend in leopard print, thanks in advance

Zazu Sep 05, 2017

I miss you more than a fat kid on a diet misses cake. <3

Wookiee's Cookies Jun 11, 2017


Mossad Mar 06, 2014

Hey hey. How are you?

John_Adams Jan 26, 2014

So you want to get married? I'm newly divorced. I'm not a buff steroid nerd but I make more money.

megaman89 Jan 16, 2014

You think you're Lance Armstrong with all those bracelets?

Display Sep 11, 2013

damn boooooo

PrettyMadness Sep 11, 2013

is that.......an OWL BELT BUCKLE? WHAT. PLS. beautiful.

pee pee sock Sep 10, 2013

girl on the left needs to get off the anti depressants, girl in the middle needs breast inplants and the girl on the right needs to stfu.

TutoXD Jun 18, 2013


bluff May 21, 2013

Blondes > all

Mossad May 21, 2013

<3 U :)

Little Fuzzy May 17, 2013

So pretty!

Chrissygirl May 13, 2013

lol rude

pee pee sock May 01, 2013

how do u wear bikini bottoms? where do u hide ur penis? duck tape it to ur asshole?

Shaun. Mar 20, 2013

happy 1 year!!! xoxxo

Mani2312 Jan 06, 2013

Wow, you're stunning!

Heisman Dec 12, 2012

LOL at Havok's comment.

Zazu Sep 07, 2012

You just gave me a reason to download the game again. : )

Havok Jul 12, 2012

Tell your friend in leopard print Id do her IRL. Not requiem style online.

Kyle Hester Jul 06, 2012

awh that's a shame, need more cute girls here

Dropout Bear Jul 04, 2012

You look good in a bikini! Like Whoa!

Kyle Hester Jul 03, 2012

for some reason I feel like i've seen you IRL. are you around the port orange/daytona area? you may just have a doppelganger though, haha

Buried Jun 28, 2012

u fine!

Zazu May 05, 2012

Hey Chrissy. As a matter of fact I do play it well, ye. I give many concerts and attend several masterclasses of world famous pianists. I love it. : )

pee pee sock Apr 22, 2012

gross tranny

BooBiesYAY Apr 22, 2012

dont ever shave off that goatee, hairy girls are so hot im ded serious.

amphetamin Apr 19, 2012

Did you pick a fight with your mascara chrissy ? .... looks like the mascara won to me :P

amphetamin Apr 19, 2012

Rasaq stop trying to chu chrissy's lady beard :P

Rasaq Apr 19, 2012

Nice Fu Manchu!

Second Shot Apr 19, 2012


Mossad Mar 10, 2012

good pick in men

qpr Mar 09, 2012

In before second shot starts spamming ur wall

Gripe Mar 09, 2012

You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way

Gripe Mar 09, 2012

But we are two worlds apart Can't reach to your heart When you say That I want it that way

Gripe Mar 09, 2012

Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why

Gripe Mar 09, 2012

Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way

Gripe Mar 09, 2012

Am I your fire Your one desire Yes I know it's too late But I want it that way

xboogiex Mar 07, 2012

xboogiex Mar 07, 2012

Haha its funny when a girl post a hot photo there like over 9000 comments.

Fuerza Mar 03, 2012

Not too bad :D .. YOU LOOK LIKE A FRIEND!

Second Shot Mar 02, 2012

a girl on tw? impossible

RENZI Mar 01, 2012

roses are red violets are blue show me your tits

ZypheN Feb 29, 2012

Ugh, don't do the duck face. You're better than that.

Display Feb 26, 2012

damn chrissygirl you cute.. marshmallow marines baby girl

Tank55 Feb 18, 2012


Rypien Jan 25, 2012

daaaammnn gurrll.

Kid Kaos Jan 10, 2012

nice smile

Myollnir Jan 10, 2012

bah u cute

BrickRed Jan 08, 2012

im liking what im seeing here

TutoXD Sep 23, 2011

Chrissy!!!! How are you??? Long time no see u.

hanz-poop Jun 23, 2011

Zazu May 24, 2011

Wow, Chrissy! Are you back?! <3

MoNo. May 23, 2011

awww Cutie <3

Mossad May 23, 2011

Hey you!

BrickRed May 23, 2011

Do want.

Zazu Feb 10, 2010

Beautiful.. The game isn't the same without you. It's like a rose without its flower or like Miss Universe after a car accident. Just not the same and not as pretty.. : ((

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 25, 2010

Chris!! haven't seen you in aages :(((

TutoXD Jan 18, 2010

Cute :)))

Ward Dec 25, 2009

do a nice split right above that cone

weed master.. Dec 22, 2009

k so i leave for a month or two and u gotta go and put more sexy pics. whats up with that huh

NO <3 Dec 20, 2009

bet you that these nerds wish they were that cone -_- as well as goddess

plompy Dec 20, 2009

Was everyone trying to be nonchalant on the 5th picture up or did it just happen? :P

Zazu Dec 20, 2009

Cute ! And ye let's go boarding. I went boarding in the Swiss Alps 2 days ago still.. Join me?

Goddess Dec 19, 2009

lol WHAT are you doing to that CONE. There are better alternatives hun :P

Kid Kaos Dec 19, 2009


Unite Dec 15, 2009

have you put on weight?

Bware Dec 15, 2009

i wanna skydive..

Dexter Dec 13, 2009

the sky is blue

Evaden Dec 12, 2009

u seriously board?

Chrissygirl Dec 12, 2009

i'd go snowboarding any day =]

Evaden Dec 11, 2009

you look like you a snowboarding chick. let's go snowboarding.

Last Standing Dec 11, 2009

you got pretty broad shoulders for a chick

Zazu Dec 10, 2009

God.. Just have to second my earlier comment. Still BY FAR the cutest girl in this game. Marry me !

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

wonder if the guy got hard while skydiving on your ass

Fusionbomb Dec 10, 2009

You're cute.

Nixi Dec 09, 2009

I think you win the prize for TW's least hated, cutest chick

Welfare Dec 09, 2009


killah Dec 08, 2009

chrissy is on FIRE!

Guero Dec 06, 2009

mm can i do the skydiving with you? just for fun

Havok Dec 06, 2009

how is requiem doin nowadays?

Product Nov 17, 2009

ur cute =]

Zazu Nov 11, 2009

Nice new picture Chrissy! Still by far the cutest girl in this game !

Pineapple Express Nov 10, 2009


MythriL Nov 10, 2009

yeah, that skydiving pic is pretty badass

Swig Oct 30, 2009

dayummmmmmm chrissy still lookin good...tight to see the skydive

Exalt Oct 30, 2009

fdsalkfhjskaflaslf I WANNA GO SKYDIVING! I'm jealous

detartrateD Oct 30, 2009

nah u just want an old guy straped to your back!

weed master.. Oct 30, 2009

AWESOME!! damn ive always wanted to skydive

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 29, 2009

:D thats a great picture

war_bringer Oct 29, 2009

cool skydive pic. iv been 5 times so far. :P

TutoXD Oct 16, 2009

you re so cute :P

Gripe Sep 29, 2009

y u so sassy for?

Swig Sep 28, 2009

THANKS darling....youre looking good....well all the time nothing else to say how you been ?

weed master.. Sep 28, 2009

lol thanks! =) id have to say my fav. pics of yours are the bottom two!

Qualified Sep 28, 2009


weed master.. Sep 25, 2009

B.E.A.utiful eyes darlin =)

Swig Sep 20, 2009

hi chrissy :D

Nixi Sep 20, 2009

it looks like a spot on the film, not her body ~_~ cute either way

Gripe Sep 18, 2009


Tasty Sep 15, 2009

guys... she's like a jailbait... back off!

Postman Pat! Sep 07, 2009

cute girls really play tw?

TNT Aug 20, 2009

I play football and cute pics.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 20, 2009

:] hey there how are ya?

Oat Aug 20, 2009


Let Aug 18, 2009

oh lala! no wonder Escaping can never stop talking about you!

Swig Aug 17, 2009

&lt;3 christy :D

Havok Jul 30, 2009


Swig Jul 21, 2009

Lafz...haha...i wish but would be better if you hitting on me :P`

Swig Jul 21, 2009

LAFZ i wish...haha...to bad youre not hitting on me ;P

killah Jul 20, 2009

jesus FUCKIN christ even hotter... i take back the micky d's to the full extent... literally

Necromotic Jul 20, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 19, 2009

That would be like soo hot...LOL

ReKall Jul 18, 2009

Ay Bay Bay

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 18, 2009

:3 Hey there Chrissy o/!

Weak Jul 17, 2009


Scrotal Jul 17, 2009

Hello and welcome to the clan :)

Keith Jul 15, 2009

should replace them weird looking guys with me

Nemon Jul 02, 2009

your so pretty :P

Helped Jun 29, 2009

Damn lookin good, well better than i thought anyways

KuleniKs Jun 29, 2009

OOoo shit chrissy ran from t0ma :o

ReKall Jun 27, 2009

Come on girl...You can be my Cutty buddy

PrettyMadness Jun 24, 2009

your hair lays great.

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

Pretty girl

Van jari Jun 22, 2009

that dirt on your neck made me polish and scrub the screen with common and some really rare and expensive chemicals which i'm pretty sure is illegal to even pronounce. I even hacked my rct. Didn't remove the dirt, but I love the new lcd!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 21, 2009

thanks chrissy &lt;3 You are a sweeeet Heart!

TutoXD Jun 20, 2009

Chrissy :)

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

T0MA&gt; tired you running off and shit

Guero Jun 19, 2009

Not even blond girls could have escape from T0MA the rushe... :O and thanks finally i really did a good tense. $

Democrat Jun 19, 2009

Let's bump uglies.

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

lololol nice you just knocked my socks off... ty for the pic -_-

British Jun 19, 2009

lol idiots

infrared Jun 19, 2009

cute pics

Weak Jun 19, 2009

gotta say, u lookin good... pretty girl... do ur thang !

Ri$e Again$t Jun 19, 2009

Looks like the ladies don't like T0MA every chick seems to run away from him.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 18, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 18, 2009

I don't care what ppl say about you, your cool in my book :)

KillerGt Jun 18, 2009


Grandias Jun 13, 2009

hey nice pictures :P

killah Jun 12, 2009

didnt kno i kill fine ass white girls in this game

Unite Jun 12, 2009

whats that little brown thing on your neck on the last two pics? Good looking girl tho. High 7 maybe an 8 ;)

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Dark*Star360 Jun 07, 2009

u loook hoott C:

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

very pretty!

Century Jun 07, 2009

is that really you.... cause im about to make u my gf

Let Jun 05, 2009

holla at this!

ReKall Jun 05, 2009

;) lovin the bottom pic

danyell!! Jun 02, 2009

aww cute =)

PWND Jun 01, 2009


ZypheN Jun 01, 2009

Naww same girl, least, I think.

NO <3 May 31, 2009

different girl in every pic? no? -_-

Exalt May 31, 2009

shes cute, dunno why some are saying the opposite, I guess that's how you get girls,whatever floats your boat

Lenny May 31, 2009

Everyone getting a chub in here.

pee pee sock May 31, 2009

i only like ur boobs in the bottom pic, all the rest r ugly, sry, gg tho

Growing May 30, 2009

i could do with out the middle pic but cute non the less

Skyn May 28, 2009


Menthol May 21, 2009

HEY! &lt;3 you like a lil sister :p

Condom May 12, 2009

Only fat girls play continuum, are you lost?

SkullLeader May 12, 2009

At last!!! a cute face in twgallery..., Hello sexy pilot!!!

SquallFF8 May 12, 2009

ya sexy, but i wonder if she knows some sleazy fuk is posting her pics for u nerds to wank to.. :/

Here Comes Treble May 09, 2009

Are you hot??

Kid Kaos May 06, 2009

Pretty cute actually. Nice eyes.

Stylez May 01, 2009

Jailbate, I'll pass, plus, I can do better... ;)

Crunchy Nut May 01, 2009


Cichlid Apr 29, 2009

You're Beautiful

infrared Apr 23, 2009

you have nice hair.

NO <3 Apr 22, 2009

so this is the annoying girl who would shoot and run away from me with t0ma couple months ago.

Eelam Apr 20, 2009

hit me up on ss we'll meet up

Lens Apr 16, 2009

duuude.... do i know you? where do you live chrissy?

Ward Apr 14, 2009

not hot

phatfarm Apr 12, 2009

hmm you know what they say about girls with blue eyes and wear matching clothes...

Havok Apr 12, 2009

yeh shes cute but ive never seen her in game LULZ

L3MU3L Apr 11, 2009

Aren't you just a cute little thing.