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About Me

Age 39
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Gender Male
Where I can be found ?find Rasaq


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Cadbury Nov 10, 2020

to the left to the left everything u own in the box to the left

Ixador Sep 07, 2020

Been over 8 years since I left a comment on your wall. Felt overdo.

AngelGirl Mar 28, 2018

Oh I bet he would lol, guy clearly loves me ;D I could be better but can't complain really.

AngelGirl Mar 22, 2018

LOL WUT, got told to hang myself, see result ;D

Cres Aug 16, 2017

"Songs: In Da Club" LOOOLLLL...u floakin neow

soupero Jun 28, 2017


okyo Apr 07, 2017

不要再和我在公共场合再说一遍哦你 我说你小丑小丑福克

i.d. Oct 03, 2016

do you just not read Paradise's comments? I get it, most people probably don't.

i.d. Oct 03, 2016

you shouldn't touch weenies with a brown man, just sayin'.

Cres Sep 19, 2016

dont EVER speak to me in public again do u fkin hear me u garbo clown FUK

PrettyMadness Sep 18, 2016

you are a titcrack. but that cat tho.

Paradise Sep 17, 2016

u look HOT. im from Shaker Heights lets meet up and touch weeners.

Cres Apr 13, 2016

u still cute tho?

okyo Apr 03, 2016

my theory of the future: 1 million years later we will each live in our own individual planets

Cres Jul 14, 2015

duno who u r https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08GUHo10Iao

okyo Jul 14, 2015


okyo Jul 14, 2015


Cres May 28, 2015


Crescent Seal May 13, 2014

y mulisha destroy u

mulisha Feb 08, 2014

Bro go to the gym put some meat on your skin and bones faggot

TiGBEE Dec 14, 2013


Crescent Seal Nov 11, 2013


Cres Aug 14, 2013


PrettyMadness Aug 03, 2013

good question but i think the better question is how come your ass is wearing a hat?

Cres Mar 17, 2013

da realest nigga dis game eva seen

qpr Feb 10, 2013

Ah true, so when we gna date

qpr Feb 05, 2013

Why does your cap say "Lube Expert"?

LamedFighter Oct 02, 2012

Hey sorry to see Wolf is gone bro. Hit me up on da PS3 sometime. Thinking of picking up Borderlands 2 this week. Maybe you can hook me up with some weapons and shit if I do. Peace and love my brotha. See ya! -Lame (ZeroAffex)

Rocket Soldier Jun 04, 2012

I always wanted to donate, but just never got a chance to, now I'm working, I can finally donate some and fulfilled my dream. Weird me. :P

Rasaq Apr 29, 2012

Blacklisted, eh? Wish I saved the logs of when we invited you to our chat and trolled the shit out of you.

Kinky-Girl Apr 28, 2012

LOL you're the dumb little piece of shit..go die thanks

Cadbury Mar 21, 2012


qpr Mar 20, 2012

learn to wb

Cadbury Mar 15, 2012

If you were the new burger at McDonalds you would be the Mcgorgeous!

qpr Jan 19, 2012

Obviously fake pics of a neonazi and his family

TiGBEE Oct 14, 2011

nigga you better know me.

Rasaq Oct 14, 2011

Do I even know you?

TiGBEE Oct 14, 2011

im mad at you.

BrickRed Jun 22, 2011

"effect my possibly" lol

Cres Jan 27, 2011

k back

Okay [0G] Jan 26, 2011

the garms

Okay [0G] Jan 26, 2011

thats the future looking at yu

Libra Jan 24, 2011

hai newb. <3

absurd99 Jan 23, 2011


TiGBEE Aug 08, 2010


spantiq Jul 28, 2010

nolf = no one live for ever is a new squad and i will like to see how good you are. my game nick is spantiq.

Money Jul 20, 2010


pee pee sock Jul 15, 2010

u look like a lil pussy ass 12 year old kid.

absurd99 Jun 25, 2010

it's perfectly normal for a banana and a hotdog to be taking a romantic stroll on the beach

Jolly Fat Man Apr 11, 2010

The games are quite an experience. Don't go to a shitty team though.. worth the price when they play a great team. Completely different atmosphere.

TiGBEE Mar 06, 2010


Cres Jan 27, 2010


Raazi Jan 27, 2010

Better watch ur mouth b4 i take that golf club ur balancing on ur face and smash it through ur teeth and out ur ass

Raazi Jan 24, 2010

Yo, meet me at Russel and Peters Bowlerama at 7pm on the 27th, show u why the call me Sir Striker

Zhou Dec 29, 2009

nice hat rofl

Rati Dec 25, 2009

lol, you love work that much?

Goddess Dec 13, 2009


TiGBEE Dec 10, 2009


TiGBEE Dec 09, 2009

Go away.

Hustla Bebe Dec 09, 2009

rally tho doo youu go by the name magic man.??

TiGBEE Dec 08, 2009


Kabab Dec 08, 2009

LOOOOOOL U newb lube? i kill u once in pub i win u lololol.

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

omg do you go by the name magic man

Welfare Dec 07, 2009

top 20 wb in tw

Foreal Dec 04, 2009

yo yo rasaq

Pandagirl! Oct 26, 2009

You know it!

Luu Buu Oct 22, 2009

Nice pattas (sneakers in dutch)

Tabo Oct 22, 2009

pfft... Just like every other white boy with no life. Ill take my weed and play somewhere else.

Audrey Oct 15, 2009

thats a gross way to say it.

TiGBEE Sep 11, 2009

sup hubbbbyy

TiGBEE Sep 09, 2009


Sandie Sep 08, 2009

i just took out my weave for my birthday. lol :p

Raazi Aug 20, 2009

Gotta love white ppl

danyell!! Aug 13, 2009

OMG I REMEMBER EUREEKAS CASTLE! you brought back memories in the comment you left pwnd...

Mobey Aug 13, 2009

word, she got blasted like Rhianna too.

PWND Aug 11, 2009

Says the man with &quot;Lube Expert&quot; on his hat. =(

PWND Aug 05, 2009


TiGBEE Jul 27, 2009


Nixi Jul 19, 2009

Aaaahahaha, your comment made my day! That's a tall order though, I don't know if I can get that creepy deadpan stare down without cracking up.

TiGBEE Jul 16, 2009


PWND Jul 08, 2009

not my cup of tea

Ohmalee Jul 08, 2009

but those wouldnt be new :(

PWND Jul 08, 2009

did you gain like 50 pounds? and why did you post a pic of your sneakers. youre a fuckin r-tard.

TiGBEE Jul 08, 2009

&lt;3 ilyn

TiGBEE Jul 07, 2009

put me on yo faec.

SnallTrippin Jul 07, 2009

That's a shoe all right.

Ohmalee Jul 07, 2009

Can i get a new tire? :D

infrared Jul 07, 2009

rasaq more like licksaq

Exalt Jul 06, 2009

so you have to explain to me how you got your GF to play this game... because personally I hide this shit from mine, no one I know irl is allowed to know I play this game!

Sandie Jul 05, 2009


Tabo Jul 05, 2009

Pretty eyes

Weak Jun 29, 2009

i knowwwwwwwwwwwww go cavs n pacers

Rasaq Jun 28, 2009

&quot;Don't let them say you ain't beautiful...Ohhohhhohooo, they can all get fucked just stay true to you...SooOoooOoO&quot;

Weak Jun 27, 2009

jus visitin my brother, chillin for a few weeks.. u doin aight?

PrettyMadness Jun 27, 2009

blah blah run your mouth, shit lol

Weak Jun 27, 2009

not shit dude jus in texas , whats new wit u

Weak Jun 27, 2009


lady starlight Jun 26, 2009

y dont u guys have pics together?

Goddess Jun 23, 2009

Yeah u go tiggy... he looks like a sweetheart :)

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

Lube Express! ROFL

killah Jun 12, 2009

LOL LUBE EXPRESS thats where u work??? lmao ras

TiGBEE Jun 08, 2009

god you are so sexyyy....i love you baby!!!

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 08, 2009

pretty boy!

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

you play at work!

TiGBEE Jun 07, 2009

i guess i love you so much...i typed love twice. :p

TiGBEE Jun 06, 2009

i love love you too baby!

PWND May 29, 2009

lol his hat says lube


kssshptttttt there you go there is an autograph keep it for ever. youll love it

TiGBEE May 25, 2009

sexxxxxyyy!! :)

NO <3 May 15, 2009

You're pretty jealous of my sexy stickfigure! p.s my new pic will knock your socks off

NO <3 May 15, 2009

he wasnt with you last nite gf cuz he was out with me, holla -_-

TiGBEE May 15, 2009

lolll, you wish.

NO <3 May 15, 2009

if tigbee is your gf then why did you make love to me last nite :'( bastard...

Caracal May 14, 2009

i am =x

Ohmalee May 13, 2009


High Templar May 13, 2009


Sakura May 13, 2009

i'm glad i'm not the only couple that plays subspace. =p

Exalt May 12, 2009

the virgins get mad when i call them out lol

TiGBEE May 12, 2009

babies, lets make them. kthanks. :)

Nixi May 10, 2009

No, Im not that person, but ignite is convinced I am. w/e its understandable seeing as he fell in love with a man

Flew May 07, 2009

LOL rasaq u gay?

ShinBet May 06, 2009

haha no&lt;3

Imagine May 05, 2009

All the lube in the world and no penis to use with it =(

NO <3 May 01, 2009

why are you hitting on zenabee, who do you think you are ignite? -_-

TiGBEE Apr 30, 2009

Lol, you're a gladiator hater baby! MYYY sexy lube man! :)

Nixi Apr 29, 2009

Hot guy + lube = dangerous combination.

TiGBEE Apr 28, 2009

you're so sexy baby! i love you.

Z*E*R*0 Apr 24, 2009

I'm a hat kinda person myself

Rasaq Apr 23, 2009

Lol no &lt;3

NO <3 Apr 22, 2009

ignite is just mad cuz he dressed up as &quot;dick in a box&quot; for halloween, but was told the dick was outside the box.

Tengan Apr 18, 2009

LOL @ Ignite's comment

infrared Apr 15, 2009


Goddess Apr 09, 2009

You have pretty eyes Ras... even if you are mean

Hate The Fake Apr 02, 2009

Yea how dare you have a job and not spend all of your money recruiting players. How dare you. o/

Winky- Mar 25, 2009

i rather thought the mobil hat brought out his eyes in said 'perfect angle' pic

Ignite Mar 24, 2009

theres something really faggoty and loserish about sitting at your job at the gas station wearing a hat that says 'lube' and taking pictures of yourself from the 'perfect angle' on the desk