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Ekko Jul 06, 2022


Cross Dec 26, 2015

the fk you holding best in your hands

Sulla Dec 18, 2015

damn guy is a fkn pro fishirmin

okyo Jul 08, 2015

when are u gonna catch a shark while fishing

siaxis Jun 22, 2015

? Lol

LinkedChaos Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

Babyboy Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

Potenza Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

suicideb0mber Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

Maelisha Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

Lawliet Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

okyo Jun 19, 2015

i ain't got no type

Tarnish Jun 18, 2015


okyo May 14, 2015


Frogsk|n Jun 18, 2013


Heisman Apr 16, 2013

catch dem phat phucking phish u phaggot

pee pee sock Apr 06, 2013

fish fetish

soupero Aug 19, 2012

all you do is fish and tw, really

megaman89 Aug 16, 2012

Wish mess drowned you

glavitik Aug 14, 2012

i see those chips bro. sour cream and onion good choice. nice salmon too

siaxis Aug 04, 2012

LOL you stupid?

olde Aug 04, 2012

ss nerds need punched in they faces

olde Aug 04, 2012

yo bitch nigga how u gonna fire yami who the fuckare u just sum lame

Heisman Feb 22, 2012

go fish

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 22, 2012

Is that a huge salmon?

Second Shot Jan 21, 2012

wilmer from the 70's show

Heisman Jan 21, 2012

fish head

Cadbury Sep 20, 2010

hubby (L)

Missa Apr 09, 2010

I miss you and your crazy lingo.

Zazu Mar 30, 2010

lolol yo! Ur black.. You guys aren't made for snow, man! :o)~

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

Yo what's good man! That fish is mad cute yo!

PhyRe Mar 18, 2010

nice eyeball

Audrey Mar 13, 2010

oh and i forgot... i'm mad cute yo.

Audrey Mar 13, 2010


Mariposa Mar 09, 2010

SUP siaxis

Welfare Mar 04, 2010

that fish fuckin around

Money Mar 01, 2010

when i look into ur eyes, i get hard. no homo

Swig Feb 28, 2010

LMAO @ second pic from the top...you must have been pretty drunk to not realize you are pouring your beer out while you are taking the picture hahahahahaha gg for drunks

Audrey Feb 12, 2010

whats really good yo?!?

MythriL Feb 09, 2010

yo i'm lovin that flower pic

megaman89 Jan 29, 2010


the funky blue note Jan 24, 2010

it looks like my shoulder goes in to your picture in the mainpage, lol

Missa Jan 24, 2010

You still lookin mad cute <3 I miss you!

Jrahen Jan 18, 2010


Mattey Jan 06, 2010

This is way too many pictures for a male to post. And a flower? That shit is gay.

Missa Dec 10, 2009

Sup love. Why you wearin a V neck? LOL <3

Audrey Dec 09, 2009

I am mad cute. No such thing as trying! =P

Zazu Dec 09, 2009

Yo What's good Fishman!

Missa Dec 08, 2009

Chick in bunny ears is win.

MythriL Dec 08, 2009

saw you on a fishing website

Welfare Dec 08, 2009

yo i think i know you, you live in nc?

lady starlight Dec 08, 2009

hows 2mro sound?

Audrey Dec 08, 2009

sup tanzu1 nice fish you got there! err i mean chix :o

Missa Dec 04, 2009

supp you big crazy <3

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

whens good for u?

Healt Nov 11, 2009

nice fishes and sweet kissing picture m8 ;)

Nixi Nov 09, 2009

On a scale of 1-10, I rate you "Fish"

Century Nov 09, 2009

nice ass trout...

Audrey Nov 08, 2009


siaxis Nov 08, 2009

LOL goddess sain im fat. Guys mad hypocritical. Goddess, go shit out some more ugly kids son.

Goddess Nov 08, 2009

Y r guys threatened when you beat them in elim... then have to hate on you... its so sad. Btw u r fatter than me ty

MythriL Nov 06, 2009

guy stays faded

Let Nov 04, 2009

i love fishing, so where are you from and what lake/river....do you fish at?

Exalt Nov 03, 2009

lol new fish

Squadless Nov 03, 2009

Fresh fish

Money Nov 03, 2009

nice trout son

Money Aug 28, 2009

gonna armbar u and ur girl then reverse roundhouse kick your lives

Fooly Cooly Aug 28, 2009

sto5p killing fish

Valve Aug 28, 2009

i bet you paid the fish and the girl to take picture with you.

Jrahen Aug 20, 2009


TagMor Aug 11, 2009

trout taste like shit.

ZypheN Aug 07, 2009

Ok out of all the people putting pics up of themselves with their woman glad to see yours is actually good looking ha ;)

danyell!! Aug 07, 2009

thanks! you too! and I agree with Goddess... that pic is my fav. :)

Goddess Aug 06, 2009

Its pretty how the world is blurring by u both in the background :)

danyell!! Aug 06, 2009

aww thats a cute pic of you and your lady. =) Also... nice tree + sunset... that looks killer dude.

Weak Aug 06, 2009

lol shes pretty, and so is mine so either way , good for us? lol either way, our girls are better than creatures ( i mean ur mom creat)

Creature Aug 06, 2009


Weak Aug 05, 2009

lol w/e u say , pics or stfu.

Halo Divine Aug 02, 2009

two of the same pictures? :o thats unushally,fishys!

MEEEp Jul 27, 2009

fish killer!! lol jk.. i like the tree/flower pix, did u take them urself?

struck Jul 26, 2009

please you ghundee rhundee

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 26, 2009

^^ You are very welcome.

megaman89 Jul 26, 2009

do you model? <3

hungrywolf Jul 26, 2009

you should have eaten those fish! on the grill with some onions and lemon

siaxis Jul 26, 2009

lol, for the record guys, i dont kill fish these ones are released just like the others.

struck Jul 26, 2009

no faggot im gujarati like weak/quiz

Ohmalee Jul 25, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 25, 2009

Like the Photography

Sandie Jul 25, 2009

poor fishies! :(

SaFia Jul 07, 2009

lol want me to make you a sign?

Exalt Jul 07, 2009


Fusionbomb Jul 02, 2009

Holy Mackerel

Weak Jun 29, 2009

And you call urself indian? fail. epic fail. lol

SaFia Jun 20, 2009


Scrotal Jun 18, 2009

that thing can make alot of sushi although ive never had a trout roll.

Peru Jun 13, 2009

im more attracted to the fish than you.

SquallFF8 May 20, 2009

nice trout, bigger than my cats

Imagine May 03, 2009

Only impressive if you did it bare handed.

Hunt Apr 09, 2009

nice trout FUKFACE

Ignite Apr 08, 2009

lol eelam

Eelam Apr 07, 2009

u look like a.r rahman LOL LOL

Money Apr 07, 2009

i love the way tanzu handles his trout