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Age 32
Location Lillehammer, Norway
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found alttabbed
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olde Apr 16, 2010

Yoo Son where ya been!

joemoma Jan 17, 2010

haha facebook < tw gallery ss> life u know this!

Weak Jun 29, 2009

all i can say is ...wow? LOL

wicket666 Jun 24, 2009

super hero!

Crunchy Nut Jun 14, 2009

pimp daddy himself, russe playa

carburetor Jun 01, 2009

did i say it was? no, you did, thanks for correcting yourself :/

PWND Jun 01, 2009

lol Van..

carburetor May 31, 2009

quota? dude, im not trying to burn you, im trying to understand you :(

carburetor May 28, 2009

surgury? i think your dictionary is wrong :(

carburetor May 26, 2009

i dont understand your broken english please hire someone to correct it plox.

Van jari May 26, 2009

Once a lesbian couple came up to me and asked me to help them getting a baby. I converted the girl who wanted to bear the baby into heterosexuality. She dated men for a while, but eventually got back with her ex- girlfriend. True story.

carburetor May 26, 2009

i guess freud was right when he said insecurity is the cause of rage. small penis = rage (since you dont comprehend english)

Van jari May 24, 2009

Everyone who commented on other persons penises in this profile is, TW-officially, know as "guys with so low self esteem that they scan every picture they see of (half) naked men to see if they prolly, on a really good day after an insanely hot shower, have a slightly larger penis than Van Jari got after dipping his in ice for 15 minutes. Period. End of discussion.

carburetor May 24, 2009

and when you wear tight underwear, people learn you have no penis, your point?

Kittah Monster May 22, 2009

hmmmm one blue eye...one brown....:) your eyes are gorgeous. <3

Imagine May 22, 2009

Ferris Bullers best friend is in your top pic.

Weak May 22, 2009

.. LOL

Rasaq May 22, 2009

New Lord of the Rings character?

Van jari May 22, 2009

I'm not aquaman, unless aqua man is awesome.

Fooly Cooly May 21, 2009

and use a period for a decimal point like the first world countries noob

Fooly Cooly May 21, 2009

LOL are you aqua man??

t0ma May 20, 2009

Funny, the "mods" post this gay pic

Ohmalee May 18, 2009

I work for UPS so don't be offended if im checking out your package. :O

Van jari May 17, 2009

solution: blood 2 penis

carburetor May 17, 2009

caos translation: your penis is very small. Solution: enzyte.

PrettyMadness May 15, 2009

at the moose picture. thats funny lol NOT AT YOU dont freak out but the moose and that lil horse thing is sooo funny or a dog whatever it is

Condom May 14, 2009

I would.

PrettyMadness May 12, 2009


danyell!! May 11, 2009

:o i see your panties!

Van jari May 01, 2009

bla bla caos , ur gayness is too big for tw

Caos May 01, 2009

tu pene es muy pequeño!

NO <3 Apr 28, 2009

All those lonely nights At the grocery store In the frozen fish aisle Feeling like a whore ‘Cuz I wasn’t being true Even though everyone said That I had to make a switch Now I know that I’m a gay fish

Money Apr 28, 2009


Jolly Fat Man Apr 28, 2009

Nice package.

jord Apr 27, 2009

pp shrink when wet