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Mage+ Jul 23, 2009

You look like a faggot

Growing May 30, 2009

nice set up man looking to do the same kind of thing but with more instruments and maybe host some twradio

Bware May 18, 2009

Dude.. we have to talk about music.

carburetor May 16, 2009

wow, you look just like my history professor.... give you a squad for an A :D

Guero May 15, 2009

nice staff :O is yours.. how much did u expend in the studio.

NO <3 May 15, 2009

vroom vroom party startah' -_-

A Cold Place May 15, 2009

Hmm how much, its hard to say since I've picked up most of the pieces over the years as i found stuff that i liked. Lets see, with the computer most likely around 10ish k (the violin alone is worth upwards of 4k). Software is a whole other story, between freebies &amp; pirating that should be about another 4k. All in all i would say that once you got the basics, you don't really need to go crazy; it's better to get good with what you have, as opposed to always getting new gear and just working the presets. Record producers will send your demo right to the trash if they spot presets, so it pays to learn and build everything from the ground up.

NO <3 May 15, 2009

someone put a target on your back in elim, oops that was me -_- pew pew

Mage+ May 15, 2009

Very nice How much?

A Cold Place May 14, 2009

Since a few people asked for my full set up, it is as follows (just hardware, not soft); Sound Gen - Korg Triton, Korg Poly 6, Dyna Instapiano, Korg n364 (not shown), Waldorf Micro Q, Quasimidi Polymorph, Kurzweil k2000r, Akai Mpc 1000, Casio ct... something (circuit bent). F/X - Korg Kaos Pad 3 &amp; 1, Ensoniq Dp4. Digitech Studio 400, Ibanez Dm1100, Art Pro Vla Tube Compressor. Mixing - Presonus Firepod, Yamaha Mg 16/4 fx, Nady Mm-242 (4 chan line mixer), Behringer Ultrapatch Pro. Speakers - Pair Yamaha hs 50m, Harmon Kardon hk695 (with sub) Mic - Mxl 2006, Sure Sm 58 (pair), Akg c214 Instruments - Palatino Allegro 4/4 Cello, 1887 (Copy of Friedrich August Meisel piece) Violin, Yamaha Lj16 Accoustic, Yamaha 481II Silver Flute Misc - Midiman 2x2 midi interface, Furman pl-8 power conditioner, Sherwood Pd 502 turntable, cases of old 78rpm records and other stuff from the 20's-50's &amp; enough cable to hang myself and 50 buddies.

Condom May 14, 2009


TranceTunes May 13, 2009

hey nice studio..and i gotta say you sure do somewhat remind me of another ss player that has retired..

Schfifty-Five May 12, 2009

Ahhhh. Dual monitor set up. Niceee.

PrettyMadness May 12, 2009

i think ive saw u before.. on another website

danyell!! May 11, 2009

Judging by picture #1 you look like you have a nice setup. =)

Ohmalee May 10, 2009


a cute fuzzy kitten May 10, 2009

dammit. i was first on the effing list and you came along with your &quot;a&quot; name... grrrrr!!!!

pee pee sock May 09, 2009

yaaaaa wtf 2 computers!! reported.

pee pee sock May 09, 2009

i dont like u

ShinBet May 06, 2009

ignite you every where, wtf

Ignite May 03, 2009

Look at that. Two computers side by side. This guy is the double clienting spammer ruining TWDD!!

A Cold Place May 03, 2009

I did break, mostly because after looking through very old people i once played with i thought it would be fitting to have my pics up with them. And no imagine, no twradio here.

Nixi May 03, 2009

You finally broke and put pics up, ha!

Imagine May 03, 2009

Nice studio, you host twradio any?