Iron Survivor

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Squad Evil (since Sep 24, 2022)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads  Divine    rapid    Gorilla   
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About Me

Age 36
Location Curitiba,Brasil.
Gender Not telling you geeks


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Ixador Sep 07, 2020

good to see you still blowing spaceships up in 2020!

Tiger the crab May 06, 2019

u look like a very cool and intelligent guy

Cres Jan 06, 2018

ey fag idk if u know bout cs:go, but i played with SK gaming members Fallen, Fer, and Coldzera was epic...they brazilians

Bigyin Nov 21, 2017


olde Sep 26, 2016

What he fuk is happeninnnnnngggg!?!?!?

Lrim Feb 27, 2016

?buy warbird lessons

qpr Jun 29, 2014


qpr Jun 21, 2014


Mani2312 Mar 10, 2013

I'd have won killothon if you weren't such a pubber. Go back to TWL, noob!

Mani2312 Oct 01, 2012


Let Nov 04, 2009

i thought Brazil are dark skinned like Mexican =x

schope Oct 08, 2009

po feioso pq foi estragar a brincadeira

Money Oct 01, 2009


SkullSpace Sep 03, 2009

lol iron pensei que vc era negao : ((

chars! Aug 30, 2009

não se usa sunga quando vc é branco e sem um fisico bom :P

McVicar Aug 09, 2009

With gurana and salgadinhos

McVicar Aug 09, 2009

He's a sexy puta

Ricko Aug 09, 2009

dude looking sexy, why no more speedo pics though? :(

chars! Aug 09, 2009

iron survivoerer suxor

Ri$e Again$t Jun 18, 2009

Audrey fully supports the speedo

Quart Jun 14, 2009

ROFL...are you serious? do those swim trunks make you more aerodynamic?

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

I could have gone without the swimsuit shot...other than that you da man!

Mega Newbie Jun 11, 2009

Daonde as neves??

Audrey Jun 11, 2009

God... the speedo... i think im blind now!!

danyell!! Jun 10, 2009

that 1st pic is somewhat creepy... Not as creepy as the speedos tho. lol

Exalt Jun 09, 2009

looks like a homo

killah Jun 09, 2009

thats a brasilian for you right outa rio

Refer Jun 09, 2009

It is all about the Speedos.

Van jari Jun 04, 2009

because, dear ignite, he was too busy being coolcoolawesome with me.

Ignite May 30, 2009