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chars! Oct 09, 2009

its not chop lol its Zina (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM5BpATyEfI)

Iron Survivor Oct 06, 2009

Its not schope.. the photos are from some brazilian tv show. =)

schope Oct 05, 2009

im elite, so pretty i am can hook up with any gurl arround

menelvagor Oct 04, 2009

wow you fuckin greasy brazillian fuk, how much you pay your hairdresser for this photo?

Jolly Fat Man Oct 03, 2009

Wow.. nice hair.

soupero Oct 03, 2009

you look like a hairdresser

Stab Oct 02, 2009

ooo sexy woman

schope Oct 02, 2009

sup yes thats me

infrared Oct 02, 2009

scotty pippin that u?