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Squad PigOps (since May 12, 2024)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads  Paladen   Pure Luck    Paladen   
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About Me

Location Milkyway
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Jessup
More about me um um um fire um um um dodge

Things I Like 
Books Tv Guide ;D
Movies Heavy Metal
Musics Heavy


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SkyMan's Nov 30, 2023

.......Noob!! I have created a telegram Group for the Veterans. t.me/subspaceveterans

Mossad Mar 02, 2023

Hey Jessup you are a kind soul. I look up to you. I got respect for you.

Z*E*R*0 Aug 28, 2021

Jessup the best captain i've ever had

NiGhToWL Jan 28, 2021

Dear Jessup, you are awesome. That is all. G'nightowl.

jebass Oct 30, 2020

Jessup I see your still playing mate good deal

Ixador Jul 23, 2020

10100100110010101001001100010010100100100100100100 10010010010100101001101011101101001 Translation: Welcome to Synth Bots--Enjoy your stay my fellow robot friend. -ixabot

Ixador Jul 14, 2020

miss you jess and hope you return to Synth Bots someday so we can squad again! Anywho--hope you and yours are staying safe in these trying times. Cheers! -iXa

Shaggy2Dope Jan 24, 2020

hey i cant get back on ss i dont know why.. sucks

Jessup Jul 17, 2019

TWDT is alive it seems after TWL Invincible. Hope to see u back and that your summer is going great! ^_^

Invincible Jul 03, 2019

TSL Season 5 could be the last, no clue how the game might evolve seems most are turning Liberal...though might need an overhaul time and data space stuff. Anyway hope you've a nice summer!

Tiger the crab Jan 31, 2019

Lovely Jessup, I still love you so much! Plz upload new pics, Id like to see beautiful creatures such as u. <3 :)

Invincible Aug 28, 2018

Jessup is a good person. Our coolest Paladen Captain as well yep, sweet cool photos too. Nice!

Ixador Jun 20, 2018

Thanks for the kind words on my page, thought I'd return the favor. I very happy to have cleared things up with you. Stay strong my friend and always remember beautiful flowers need rain showers! Smile in adversity! Will miss you Jess. Take care! -Ixa

CoolT!ger9 Jul 07, 2017

Jess you're awesome, watched you in jaw duel <3

Jessup Jun 28, 2017

Hardly enough but we have a Trench Wars Summer League going soup! Log in! Games are fun! HIIIII

soupero Jun 28, 2017

How is TW? Still enough people?

soupero Mar 05, 2017

Remember how much I owned you in jav? All you did was rage quit. Hope you are well.

Tiger the crab Dec 10, 2016

baby <3

Jessup Dec 04, 2016

<3 thx Fem !! You too ^_^

Fem. Nov 18, 2016

Fem. Nov 18, 2016

Meh, what unreal_ said to you earlier today in chat was unnecessary and wrong and you don't deserve to be treated that way by anyone for any reason. You're a pleasure to have around in this game.

Fem. Oct 26, 2016

Hi Jessup! I had no idea you were on gallery, I don't peruse this much. What a great word, right? You're pretty too. ^_^

Dominate Jan 04, 2016

i see you bruh

Dominate Jan 04, 2016


Dropout Bear Dec 31, 2015

tnx jess!! have a good 2016 too!! :)

MoNo. Dec 14, 2015

Thank you Jessup! You take care and see you around in ss!

MoNo. Dec 03, 2015

Aww Jessup you are so pretty!!!!!

British Oct 22, 2015

Pigs in blankets and turkey butties are the nicest food ever

Cres Jun 22, 2015

sir spida speaketh the truthethetheth fuk thou hater

Sir Spider Jun 18, 2015

good on you for being the real you now. that's the most important thing. fuck the haters, live how you've always meant to. always enjoyed teaming with you (and kicking your ass :P), hope you're doing well.

Jessup May 04, 2015

Thx for the kind words cres.. and ur an inspiration.. I will do it !! Someday lol

Cres May 01, 2015

u gr8 person jessup-chan learn 2 officially retire or get perma-banned like me now, rememba dis

Cres Apr 26, 2015


Kinky-Girl Mar 08, 2015

METAL! I thought you were a guy...never seen pics lol

Morg Jan 19, 2015


Jessup Nov 23, 2014

I'm such a dork.. M -1 <3 u too summa wherever u are

Desist Nov 12, 2014

Hey Jess. No idea you were trans, not that it matters. I think my days are numbered too. Too much going on. Cya on the flip.

william wallis Nov 10, 2014

Very Pretty, It's sad to see this game die after so long, Tons of memories that I would never trade.We will miss you I had fun being on numerous squads together.

Myollnir Nov 10, 2014

your so pretty jess i am jealous of you <3

Jessup Nov 09, 2014

Also I'm having a hard time giving this game up. Thank you for the support people have given me. Makes me want to at least stick around off and on. Still probably semi-retiring though

Jessup Nov 09, 2014

Jerome that was an awesome song. Thanks. I am an old punk from DC scene here and appreciate that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ELPk8O28d4 Jayne County is one of my punk idols btw

Jerome Nov 09, 2014


Jessup Nov 08, 2014

To all my friends who wish me well .. know I wish you well just as much back at you. Thank you all for the fun and memories.

Jessup Nov 08, 2014

I just wanted to say fair well to everyone. I have decided my time here is at an end. Long live Paladen..it was a blast. Ya I'm trans.. transitioned during my SS days.. time to face my life now xxx Jess

Frogsk|n Nov 09, 2012

Hey bud glad to see yu back in ss after a long break!! :D

Crackling May 21, 2011

ur cool keep up the good work

PhyRe Sep 18, 2010

high 5 jessup!

LamedFighter Aug 22, 2010

Jessup, they just named a volcano after you, MR. HOTLAVA!