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About Me

Age 41
Location New York
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.wtfman.com
Where I can be found Looking for a REAL squad ffs. Killing stuff/things/1/0
More about me I'm human, it's true.

Things I Like 
Books Yes
Movies Yes
Musics Yes


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Machine of God Jun 10, 2010

there are way too many ginger comments here, although I do find it funny that even your cat is a ginger

h2o60 Jan 13, 2010

i already did fatty!

h2o60 Sep 05, 2009

mooooo... Stop lifting weights and cats and do some cardio fatty :P

SnallTrippin Jul 30, 2009

When I first saw it I thought it WAS you, lol.

BobbyLight Jul 30, 2009

ROFL! that even kind of looks like me and the homie...

BobbyLight Jul 29, 2009


BobbyLight Jul 29, 2009

LOL! Gingers are crazy

SnallTrippin Jul 29, 2009

No soul? Exactly, don't fuck with my people. We're everywhere. Ever heard of HAIR DYE?! Mwhahahaha. Fuckers.

BobbyLight Jul 28, 2009

u swear if i post another gang sign what?...Sit ur ginger ass down and shut it! Gingers have no soul!

SnallTrippin Jul 28, 2009

But he's a rabbit lookin kiddy, so I don't think much of it. Also that hitler shit is low you whacked out fucker.

joemoma Jul 28, 2009

haha mage called u a fat ginger.. worse than ohio any day.. gingers should have been the target of hitler...

Captain Stinky Jul 13, 2009

thanx, just an old pc I hooked up for lil man to play on so he'd quit messin with the more expensive ones sittin around here. that's a mean machine you got up there.

SnallTrippin Jul 10, 2009

No one cares about what exactly? Make sense guy I've never heard of..and judging by your pictures is about 12. lol. Also I can't really say about the PC as I've changed mobos and GPUs, but prob still around 2k to build. Maybe a lil less now.

Mage+ Jul 10, 2009


Mobey Jul 09, 2009

how much did that setup cost

SnallTrippin Jul 04, 2009

I used to dance with my cat but the fucker clawed the shit out of me.

NO <3 Jul 04, 2009

i smell jealousy

SnallTrippin Jul 03, 2009

Sucks dick? That PC is an overclocked Q6600, which is 1st generation quad suck but overclocked to 3.2 gigz, with a Evga 285 GTX, 4 gigs, 3.2 after the GPU is taken into account of Cas 4 latency ram (Since it's 32x OS) and 2ts of HDD. Sucks my dick my ass it does...skinny, cat dancing, soccer playing, fuck. Yeah I went there.

ReKall Jul 03, 2009

dammit man But no Gingers :P..i should cut and copy a ginger in the pic :)

infrared Jul 02, 2009

psh that computer sucks dix

Dameon Angell Jul 02, 2009

That computer is too good for Continuum, lol

PWND Jul 02, 2009

with fake dreads youre allowed to wash your hair. you tie them up and hold them so the length doest get wet and wash your scalp and your real hair thats braided onto the fake hair :]

Ward Jul 02, 2009

2 words, ginger disease, just saying

SnallTrippin Jul 01, 2009

Well, keystone picture is years ago from college, maybe 04-05? And the one above I took a bit ago in my dirty pink bathroom. I also need to shave.

Bware Jul 01, 2009

lol keystone, 'atta boy!

Goddess Jul 01, 2009

wow and it only took u what 10 flipping years TO FINALLY POST A PIC! Beautiful hair btw.... u look so different from each pic hehe

SnallTrippin Jun 30, 2009

What a ginger haired crazy ass loser.