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Kid Kaos Sep 24, 2009

i know a dirty slut when i see one and...yep, dirty rip right here.

danyell!! Jun 28, 2009

I miss you lady!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 22, 2009

Hey Kayla!!!

PWND Jun 05, 2009

Oh you've got to be kidding me..

Growing May 30, 2009

i find i mostly want to do you cuz of that lesbo pic with the vag lick thing but i have been drinking idk oh and if your under 18 i never said this.

carburetor May 21, 2009

oh shit, your the guy from little nicky! wheres the yetti? oh yeah, danyell.. sucks i cant even be sarcastic with mythic creatures on here :(

Ohmalee May 16, 2009

Definetly VVV

Menthol May 13, 2009

agreed l3M.. i'd hit it.

Ohmalee May 13, 2009

I agree with Rasaq and L3MU3l. lol.

danyell!! May 12, 2009

OMG ITS US!!! im gonna upload it to mine too haha. lmfao i love your comment "wtf is a chun li" http://arcade.svatopluk.com/street_fighter_2/chun- li_capcom_vs_snk.jpg I love chun li... She is the only character I ever play with when I play street fighter lol. <3333

SquallFF8 May 12, 2009

are these documented results of a meth addiction?

SquallFF8 May 12, 2009

you're all disgusting, espcecially you in the pic

L3MU3L May 11, 2009

i agree ras, something about her, i dunno what

Rasaq May 10, 2009

You're oddly attractive...

Rawrrr Kayla May 10, 2009

Rofl, these comments made me laugh so hard! And wtf is a Chun Li?

Imagine May 03, 2009

Me you and a hair brush.... threesome?

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

you tryin to pull a Chun Li with that bra on your head?

Janedoe/Elinalisa Apr 26, 2009

you could do with a makeover and weight loss regime

Ward Apr 25, 2009

this girl's pretty alright.. minus horrible makeup and minus the bra picture

Mobey Apr 23, 2009

That santa hat made me go soft :/

Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

ya first 2 pics $ last 2 pics not so much..........but u look fun ;) just not the kinda fun you tell your friends about hahahaahahahahahahahahaha

Swig Apr 22, 2009

KAYLA &lt;3

Rawrrr Kayla Apr 20, 2009


danyell!! Apr 16, 2009

i like your bra lol.

SexualRobotics Apr 15, 2009

You don't look like my aunt...

infrared Apr 15, 2009

i like the girl in the first 2 pics but last 2 who are they?

Lagua Apr 14, 2009

she might be ugly but I bet shes tight as hell bro!

Rawrrr Kayla Apr 10, 2009

Rofl, you guys seriously have no life, bahahha.. gimme more mean comments! I love laughing :DD &lt;333

Havok Apr 07, 2009