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Monkaria Sep 12, 2012

Charmander is the best pokemon there, dude. It's a win with dignity and glory.

Monkaria Aug 02, 2012

I hope you picked charmander :p Pokemon is great.

Monkaria Aug 01, 2012

At home chemistry set is always useful for eureka moments :p

va Jul 29, 2012

With looks like this if you went to jail you anal virginity wont last a day </3 ;o

sn Jul 28, 2012

LIES this is outrage actually touching nips is good feelings brb

sn Jul 27, 2012

I'm bigger spooky !! >:O nice bike can I has plz

Rocket Soldier Nov 07, 2011

Isn't that Minecraft? Take a screenshot of what you built! :D

multipass? Oct 19, 2011

i like ur hightops

BrickRed Oct 17, 2011

u Spooked me. U win.

Money Oct 09, 2011

lool nice meth lab

Cojafoji Oct 08, 2011

ah. i own a bear just like that, and the character from true grit was just really hilarious.

ZypheN Oct 07, 2011

Liquid luck? lol

BongHits&BigTits Oct 07, 2011

Nice meth lab!!

Monkaria Oct 07, 2011

Lab ferrets :(

Cojafoji Oct 07, 2011

... What's with the lab set up?

Lollys Oct 07, 2011

what happen to their tails....?