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About Me

Age 32
Location Las Cruces
Gender Not telling you geeks
More about me I enjoy long walks on the beach


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katc Dec 03, 2013

This guy so cute

SolidSnake~ Aug 22, 2010

lol i get that all the time

Ice> Aug 01, 2010

haha hack u right

Hack <ER> Jul 25, 2010

Looks like Frank Mir, google it :P

MythriL Jun 13, 2010

what a beast

pee pee sock Apr 08, 2010

dont let the black man hold u down

Ice> Apr 08, 2010

Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, i don't even want, NONE OF THE ABOVE I WANT TO PEE ON YOU. yes i do pee pee on you

pee pee sock Apr 07, 2010

LOL. id knock u out so fast kid...so fast.

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

LOL weak!

Machine of God Mar 26, 2010

Ice&gt; got axed from Pandora because he can't benchpress 400lbs 29 times !!!!!!

danyell!! Mar 14, 2010

ice ice baby. dun dun dun dunna dun dun.

joe_ Mar 14, 2010


Zazu Jan 20, 2010

Guy is a beast!

MythriL Jan 18, 2010

my man ice is fuckin swole

chars! Jan 11, 2010

sex me? im brazilian

wicket666 Jan 09, 2010

you play for rams?

pee pee sock Jul 13, 2009

LOL ohmalee! nice. but i think he waitin for them to pass out from the date rape. gg

pee pee sock Jul 13, 2009

hump me

Ohmalee Jun 17, 2009

the guy on the right is trying to act casual and wait for his chance to take your wallet. lol

L3MU3L Jun 17, 2009

I would straight jack your wallet fool! GG

Ice> Jun 17, 2009

yeah this was prom last year

infrared Jun 17, 2009

omgsi so fucking hot wowwoww woudl fukkk

Ignite Jun 17, 2009

watch out hungary hungaaaaaary hippo wants to eat your peen