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About Me

Age 31
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?go base
More about me stayon likes shemalez

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Lrim Feb 27, 2016


Kado Feb 25, 2016

what a handsome guy :D

lopist Jun 29, 2010

ice are you homo

Ice> Jun 21, 2010

you have nice skin

Zhou Jun 21, 2010

wut yo numba

Stayon Jun 02, 2010

nice description about yourself, we hold hands in that one baby :D

Dwopple May 14, 2010

*round of applause*

Chief Utsav May 14, 2010

*claps hands*

Mega May 13, 2010

Zac Osburn just cleaned the entire house since my party, had no A/C because its broken, had my shirt off and im pretty sure i could have mopped the floor with my sweat. Thats sexy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)

Chief Utsav May 12, 2010

hey friend

Havok Sep 02, 2009

you stole that first pic from a picture frame?

ZypheN Sep 01, 2009

you look like sean sherk in the top pic

megaman89 Sep 01, 2009

did you and your friend shop for shoes together? fucking homo

Shayde Sep 01, 2009

Sexy Beast Havopple Sexy BEAST

Dwopple Sep 01, 2009

LOL? havok please, we both know you're a virgin. Please don't hit on me

Havok Sep 01, 2009

blue eyes long brown hair man....were good looking.

Audrey Sep 01, 2009

There, a comment. Now strop crying little girl.