Nessy <ZH>
"It's only true until it's not."

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Age 42
Location Vancouver-Nanaimo
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Mani2312 Sep 30, 2012

Oh hey. I never knew you were in Staff. I might have to hate you now. :(

BrickRed Nov 08, 2011

Nesssyyy the #1 joker of TW! Emergency presents can save a guys life! I like to drop lil teachings of wisdom on the TW pop.

T34 Oct 16, 2011

i don't hate u bro

Lollys Sep 27, 2011

No sir eh???????????????? :P

Lollys Sep 26, 2011

Canada eh

Lollys Sep 25, 2011


Nessy <ZH> Sep 25, 2011

Primary, you gotta stop you're making me blush, and that's ghey. :>

Nessy <ZH> Sep 25, 2011

Is that..........GOOD?.....

Jill Shortmilk Sep 24, 2011

Also you look like Ben Affleck with that beard, holy shit.

Jill Shortmilk Sep 24, 2011

My day is 13% more interesting now. :)

Primary Sep 24, 2011

This dude right here ladies in gentlemen is one of the coolest down to earth Canadians and why Canada owns whatever country you are reading this in. Unless you are reading from Canada, then stop and bathe in the ownage for a second and continue reading.

Nessy <ZH> Sep 14, 2011

The beard was purely a Canadian ritual for hockey playoffs.

Fork Sep 14, 2011

Better without the beard!

Nessy <ZH> Sep 06, 2011

Shhh Second Shot... Don't burn me, I just spent the last 5 years running from the feds.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 29, 2011


Nessy <ZH> Aug 29, 2011

Rofl Coja, you dork. TAKE OFF EH, YA HOSER

Cojafoji Aug 28, 2011


Dropout Bear Aug 23, 2011

after finding out boston has the most canadians on their team, i aint feel so bad.

DimDum <ZH> Aug 20, 2011

You sexy thing. My place or your place? For a grill BBQ, that is!

Cojafoji Aug 17, 2011

mmmmmmm chainsaws.

Nessy <ZH> Aug 16, 2011

Oh, and not much RJ. Chillin', killin'. And you?

Nessy <ZH> Aug 16, 2011

Yeah, I'm sad in that pic cuz I took it right after I got home from watching game 7. Glad I missed the riots.

newb Aug 15, 2011

respect, Vancouver :( <3 u in my good books #VANCITY

RJ Aug 15, 2011

sup nessy

Nessy <ZH> Aug 15, 2011

Don't worry, the chainsaw is only for "work".

Nessy <ZH> Aug 15, 2011


Monkaria Aug 15, 2011


Nessy <ZH> Aug 15, 2011


unusual Aug 08, 2011

hey let me rejoin later k?