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Squad FU INC. (since Jul 18, 2021)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads  Silence    juice    Dynasty   
Donated None

About Me

Age 34
Location England
Gender Male
Where I can be found Elim

Things I Like 
Books Lord of the Rings,Waylander trilogy,Dark elf Trilogy,pretty much anything that is interesting
Movies Top Gun,The Rock,Lord of the Rings,Mortal combat,Transformers the movie!,Highlander
Musics Stan Bush.The black mages, Epica
Songs You got the Touch,Eye of the tiger,Dare


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Tiger the crab Jan 25, 2019

u look like a really kind dude, ur goodlooking too

CoolT!ger9 Jun 29, 2017

We'll meet again ha ha >:3

Inmate Sep 18, 2016

congrats on the title!

Inmate Jul 03, 2016

fancy a bum?

okyo Apr 03, 2016


British Oct 22, 2015

still as ugly as ever i see mate ;)

pee pee sock Apr 14, 2013

can u still get it up?

Nessy Feb 05, 2011

Log on sometime buddy! :>