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Kyler Apr 09, 2023


field Feb 26, 2021

hi qtpie

fakiiri Jan 24, 2015

I still have my apartment etc, when ive been on those "trips" my ex has been feeding the cats etc everyday cause she has the key also. :)

fakiiri Jan 24, 2015

Im alive. I Had too much problems with the VODKA, been on Hospital/rehab several times now. atm im all fine! How are you doing got your school finished yet?

okyo May 31, 2014


okyo May 31, 2014

Steep Mar 25, 2014

before i get made fun of :D

Godzero Mar 20, 2014

Where there's a Will, there's a win

Linair Feb 14, 2014

Willby!!! I must get back to TW and join you! <3