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Sarrow Oct 15, 2009

I See you broke that finger running from me eh? ^-^

Swig Oct 11, 2009

look at that FATASS....he even tried to eat his finger luckly doctors saved it in time

Swig Oct 01, 2009

fatty :D

ROY_LIRAN Sep 25, 2009

not to worry i have full recovered and i am currently in elim..hehe

danyell!! Sep 25, 2009

oh no... now your wb skillz are pwnd. =(

Gripe Sep 23, 2009

shouldn't have forced it, gotta go slow homie

ZenaBee Sep 23, 2009

shalom ,awww :O poor roy's finger, ;'( no more SS for a whole week, u hear me MR :D