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Books out of reach, out of touch,
Movies out of ink, out of kindness,
Musics out of teeth, out of thought, out of time,
Songs out of life, like cattle, grazing, your mind.


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24 Oct 03, 2011

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Red = $10-$24

Monkaria Dec 19, 2010

Lol did you like put a flute in your arm and a screw in your leg? It sounds like an interesting story to tell the kids. :p HOPE YOU'RE OK. <3

weed master.. Mar 25, 2010

damn man! WTF HAPPENED :o .. want some bud?

infrared Mar 24, 2010

&lt;hugs&gt; Ugh that leg. Never gonna be the same is it hun. But at least you're alive and mostly better &lt;3

FemalePersuasion Mar 24, 2010

That has to feel weird as hell through the skin.

ZypheN Mar 24, 2010

that hand makes me think of wolverine.

PhyRe Mar 24, 2010

a jav got me!

Attire Mar 24, 2010

WTF Happen to u son.

Petal Mar 23, 2010

Yeah, cyber with me instead.

TranceTunes Mar 18, 2010

well please dont be!!

Arsen Mar 14, 2010


Zazu Mar 14, 2010

Stop cybering this guy, Goddess. About to vomit..

Goddess Mar 13, 2010

Come talk to nurse Goddess :P

Petal Mar 12, 2010


vaped Mar 12, 2010

OMG could hardly believe it last nite when you were talking about it mano... glad you're doing better :)

Goddess Mar 12, 2010

&lt;hugs&gt; Ugh that leg. Never gonna be the same is it hun. But at least you're alive and mostly better &lt;3

TranceTunes Mar 12, 2010

now i have some perspective on the accident heh..hope you're feeling better since the last time we spoke!

Mobey Mar 12, 2010


danyell!! Mar 12, 2010

are those your wb scars? = o

FemalePersuasion Mar 12, 2010

Car accident?

Money Mar 12, 2010


ZypheN Mar 12, 2010

shit man, cripple lol

Missa Mar 12, 2010

Oh noes phyre!!!!!!!!

Rasaq Mar 12, 2010

You kinda look like Grant from Ghost Hunters.

Curse Jan 29, 2010

phyre so fukin bomb

Goddess Dec 12, 2009

Come on baby post some pics for us. We'll throw you a big &quot;get well&quot; party :X

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Phyre report back to my uber-leet chat on the double.

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Aww thanks :)

Ignite May 15, 2009

omfg top 1 sexy