For a list of TWD Operators please visit: http://trenchwars.org/index.php?v=staff

The following is a list of rules that you MUST follow. Breaking any of them will result in an immediate ban. If any rule is unclear to you, contact a TWD op for clarification. If a captain is found guilty of any of these offences it will may result in more extreme action which could include the dissolution of involved squads.

Roster and double squadding rules:

Make sure you read and understand this section! Ignorance is NOT an excuse!

1. TWD players are restricted to ONE registered name at any time, either on a roster or not. Siblings can apply for an exception to this rule at the discretion of a TWD Operator. Verification of a sibling relationship will be required each season.

2. You are not allowed to play TWD matches using any other player's registered TWD name/account, nor are you allowed to let someone play using your name/account. Remember if you share a name you also share ALL that names ban history.

3. If you trade or give away a name that is TWD registered you MUST reset it first.

4. If more than one person will be playing TWD from the same connection EVER, you must contact a TWD op beforehand to have this verified, and you will be added to a permission list. If any player registered on this list wishes to change their TWD name, they must reset their name as in rule 1 and MUST notify a TWD op of the name change. Failure to do any of this will be considered double squadding.

5. Players who request their names reset will automatically be removed from the TWD database and from the roster of their current squad after the wait time has expired. Players are required to wait 6-hours before they can re-register and apply with another squad. Circumventing this rule by using a different alias or by any other means can result in a TWD ban.

6. Porn, profanity, racism or anything else that would be illegal in-game is not allowed on TWD squad pages or squad names.

7. Do not knowingly help a player evading a TWD ban, nor recruit or offer assistance to a double squadder. Circumventing the squad joining or name reset waiting period, or otherwise break any other rule will lead to TWD sanctions against involved parties.

Lag and cheating rules:

1. You must not intentionally induce lag or lag spikes in any way. Doing so will result in not only a TWD ban, but likely a zone ban as well.

2. You must not cheat in any way, including hacking or any other method. This will likely result in a network ban.

3. If you are lagging enough to impact the game, even if beyond your control, you will be asked to reconnect or disallowed to play the current game.

If you find that a player is lagging excessively, whether or not it's intentional, use a ?cheater call to alert the moderators. Please give them time to respond and assess the situation. If you are asked by a moderator to reconnect or be subbed, you must comply or you'll be locked in spectator mode.

4. Intentionally or willingly allowing your squad to alter their TWD score in any fashion other than competitive TWD games (feeding) is illegal. If your squad is caught giving points to other squads purposely or willingly, the match(s) will be voided, and both squads will be barred from participating in TWD Matches for a certain amount of days.

5. Spamming of opposing squad members during blueout is not allowed.

Roster rules:

1. There is currently no limit on the number of players a squad can have, but please keep it reasonable. However, TWL does have a roster limit of 35 players, so keep that in mind.

2. Squads may have a maximum of four captains. Captains can edit squad profiles, promote/demote players to assistant/captain positions, recruit/kick players from the roster, and accept/manage TWD games. Also, please keep in mind that captains can dissolve squads and may incur severe penalties toward the entire squad if caught cheating, so do not assign anyone as a captain if you do not completely trust them.

3. Squads can have a maximum of fifteen assistant captains. They are able to accept/manage TWD games but do not have any power beyond that.

Trench Wars Dueling Division:

1. When a game has been agreed to, both squads have a maximum of five minutes to add their players. You must have at least 4 players in-game or it will be counted as a forfeit.

2. Captains/assistants may cancel a game within 30 seconds of the beginning of the player-adding period, if no players have been added yet, by messaging !cancel to the MatchBot. If this time period has passed, you must ask for a TWD op through ?help to manually cancel your game. Only TWD ops have the authority to do this. Alternatively, if both teams can agree to remove all players and let the time expire, the game will be voided.

3. Captains/assistants may issue a challenge to play 4vs4 or 5vs5 matches. If a squad accepts a 5vs5 match but only has 4 players, they will be disadvantaged with a 10 point death defecit. Squads that are playing 4vs5 may add a fifth player at any time during the round, in which the 10 deaths will be removed.

4. Squads are allowed to substitute one player per round. There is a delay between the command being issued and the player being subbed to avoid cheating by avoiding an imminent death.

5. Games are played in a best of three rounds format. A player is eliminated when they reach a total of 10 deaths, or if they are substituted into the game, they have remaining deaths equal to the player they replaced. Each round has a limit of 20 minutes, and if scores are tied at the end of the 20 minutes, it will be extended by five minutes. The game will be declared a draw if scores are still tied at the end of this 5 minute extension. All games have a maximum of five rounds.

Trench Wars Javelin Division:

1. All of the above rules regarding the warbird division apply to the Javelin division as well, except that it is possible to kill your own teammates which will result in a valid death toward them.

2. Players have 30 seconds upon spawning to enter the base. If you do not enter the base within those 30 seconds, you will get +1 death. Also leaving the base and crossing the line gives you +1 death.

3. Once you are above the clearly marked boundary below the base you can not pass over it again or you will be removed from the current round.

Trench Wars Basing Division:

1. Captains/assistants may issue a challenge to play anything from 5vs5 to 8vs8 games. It is possible to add another player to the game if a captain or assistant issues the !addplayer command to the MatchBot and the other team agrees.

2. Each team is limited to a maximum of one terrier and two sharks. Leviathans are not permitted, and all other ships have no limit.

3. Base games consist of one round, where one team must hold the in-base flag for a total of 15:00 minutes nonconsecutively.

4. During basing matches, squads are permitted a maximum of two ship changes, three ship switches and three substitutes. See the "How to use MatchBot" page for info on these commands.

Trench Wars Spider Division:

1. Captains/assistants may issue a challenge to play anything from 3vs3 to 5vs5 games.

2. Games follow a similar format to Dueling and Javelins of a best of three rounds, but rounds last 8 minutes each and the squad with the most points is the winner. There is a flag that, if held, gives 2x points per kill but slows the player in possession of it; this is to encourage teaming and protecting your flagger. If a player kills another who holds the flag, they become the new flagger. Ships can attach one at a time, but this gives a speed penalty to the player you're attached to. Finally, each player gets one brick per death.

Miscellaneous notes:

1. If the MatchBot dies while a game is taking place, the game will be declared void.

2. All TWD Matches are logged for review by TWD ops.

3. If you feel the MatchBot is malfunctioning or ended in a glitched game result, please contact a TWD op.

4. If you would like to discuss any TWD related topics with other players, there is a forum in which you can do so, located at: http://forums.trenchwars.org/forumdisplay.php?26

6. An explanation of the ELO rating system used in TWD can be found at: http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?15162

7. The rules listed are subject to change at any time and discretion is left to TWD operators. Contact a TWD op before committing questionably illegal acts.