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About Me

Location Ontario, Canada
Gender Not telling you geeks

Things I Like 
Books Blinking With Fists
Movies Vieuphoria
Musics Smashing Pumpkins
Songs Hummer, Starla, Rhinoceros, GEEK U.S.A., Soma, The Aeroplane Flies High


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Dropout Bear Apr 01, 2013

cheers to canadian summers

Kinky-Girl Jun 01, 2012

duh ya

Zazu Jul 08, 2010

lol yes! Lang Lang is the master technique-wise, but he forgets to play with his feeling. Went to see him in La Scala, Milano, and he was really good but his music didn't move me. : ((

Channabis Mar 26, 2010

the last pic is pretty badasssss

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

Lol nice rocken out!!!!!!!!!!!

Squadless Mar 02, 2010

K2 Public Enemy $$ .. perfect for me, nothing crazy but all mountain !

Zazu Mar 01, 2010

I'm actually playing an epic piece just like that. Ends with a D chord though. But it's the most amazing thing I've ever played. Composed by Wibi Soerjadi though. Here you can listen to the final part of it. The recording is crappy though.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBUoPPmKEuM

Zazu Feb 22, 2010

Pretty bad actually.. I forgot about it. Did you do some work yet?

danyell!! Feb 18, 2010

that last picture almost put out my eyes! haha

Goddess Jan 10, 2010

rofl glad i could be of service ... now couple it with the %12 and you have the goddess effect :)

Zazu Dec 06, 2009

Let's unite all Subspace musicians and make a tribute song ! - Zazu the pianist.

Goddess Dec 01, 2009

There is no color where nothing exists :)

Missa Dec 01, 2009

can i be in your newb singin about band? i have a tom delonge fender strat, a fender bass, and some.. idk what drums :] also keyboardage.. so yeah. I'M SURE YOU CAN FIND A SPOT FOR ME TOO, RIGHT? :D

Machine of God Nov 17, 2009

nice trippy acid picture, goddam hippie!

absurd99 Nov 17, 2009

agree with danyell, nice guitar. i have an all black ibanez rg series elec guitar myself.

Weak May 23, 2009

sex me

Guero May 15, 2009

those nachos with beer come on :O the best.

Arsen May 14, 2009

those are nachos - rock on danyell

danyell!! May 12, 2009

nice guitar.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 12, 2009

the way you eat pizza turns me on, you ravenous beauty.

Imagine May 04, 2009

You get the swine flu in that last picture?

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

you play it on ez newb -_-