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Age 28
Location England
Gender Male
Where I can be found #robopark


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Monkaria Feb 12, 2014

That'd be great :p I messaged you in game for Skype :)

Monkaria Dec 02, 2013

Archaeology still :D Doing stuff in human and primate evolution. Still ever the musician, yes :) What's new with you?

Monkaria Nov 26, 2013

I'm alright, chilling in Toronto, studying a year abroad :p How are you?

Monkaria Oct 29, 2013

Still puffin at home? :p

Monkaria Jun 06, 2012

Thanks, you're so very thoughtful :p

Monkaria Jun 05, 2012

Sigh, your torso is missing again, Mobey!!

LiL*PiGGy Jun 04, 2012

Awww gross! a poodle?? :(

LiL*PiGGy Jun 03, 2012

pomeranian :)

Sulla Jun 01, 2012


LiL*PiGGy May 29, 2012

Lol she's cute

LiL*PiGGy May 28, 2012

Hey.. you know what. you're alright.

sn May 27, 2012


Myollnir May 13, 2012


Myollnir May 13, 2012

what happened 2 ur badass guns?

Second Shot May 13, 2012

oh nice accessory on your wrist. very glamorous

LiL*PiGGy Apr 08, 2012

thanks bro

Monkaria Mar 30, 2012

Cigarettes are drugs! BLEEGGHHH

pee pee sock Mar 14, 2012

ur arms r hairy as fuk. wow

Snowgoons Mar 12, 2012


Monkaria Mar 12, 2012

Mobey you have got to stop glamourising drugs! :p

Missa Mar 06, 2012

cute ass mofo

LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011


Display Jun 07, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jan 01, 2011

yeeeaaa, but that girl has an ATTITUDE. hahahaa, you pick some hot chicks. :)

LiL*PiGGy Dec 31, 2010

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You would actually go for her ? hahahahahaha this game makes me LOL.

Kinky-Girl Dec 31, 2010

oh yeahhh really...O.o sry i dont like England wiggers.

Mobey Dec 28, 2010

yo RJ ma boyyyyyyy

RJ Dec 23, 2010

wut up

Monkaria Dec 21, 2010

<3 I lav it too.

Monkaria Dec 19, 2010


Misled Oct 22, 2010

fosho man fosho!

resoL Sep 10, 2010

Nice shoes, my gf would kick your ass for them! :P

Display Sep 08, 2010


Monkaria Sep 01, 2010

:3 Completely pwned by ze ladies. Bwahaha!

Monkaria Aug 31, 2010

I still beat you in teh shortness test :3 Are you serious about you and L3M? xD Out of curiousity :3

Harstead Aug 27, 2010

Had me a few of them Fosters last night Mobes. Then fell over & put my teeth through my lip :(

Monkaria Aug 27, 2010

LOL so true! Wasn't expecting that... ROCKNROLL FOR LIFE!

MoNo. Aug 26, 2010

200 bucks limited edition. Get it!

Missa Aug 26, 2010


Monkaria Aug 26, 2010

Coffee? Check. Hat? Check. Subspace? Check. WE ARE READY TO ROCKNROLL! XD

Petal Aug 26, 2010

That's cute.

MoNo. Aug 25, 2010

coool kicks.

Harstead Aug 19, 2010

Mobes just checking you ok mate <3

AngelGirl Aug 17, 2010

Knew you would mobey!

Mossad Aug 16, 2010

hey hey Mobey Sup back:)

hungrywolf Apr 02, 2010

use the force!

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

Sup newb Mobey! Doing some work on da chickies yet?

Channabis Mar 26, 2010


Myollnir Mar 23, 2010

haha sup gangsta that monkey mask is baller he looks blazedd lol

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

lol a hot vampire!! iloveyou you made my day xox

Harstead Mar 05, 2010

alright gorgeous - just got in from London town, absolutlerly bolloxed, but gotta make sure you are ok Mobers - send me message sayin yeah I am alive Har

TranceTunes Mar 03, 2010


TieDie Mar 03, 2010

yea he gunna be a paintballer. maybe get him into some ninja schools

TranceTunes Feb 28, 2010

lol exodia is an idiot apparently (if he is serious that is) thanks for the compliment..i think

TieDie Feb 24, 2010

MOBEY HOMIE, look like we on same squad. and yes ill see you in wbduel \0/ | /\

danyell!! Feb 19, 2010

Maybe Exodia should move to Singapore?

TagMor Feb 18, 2010


uli Feb 17, 2010


MoNo. Feb 17, 2010

Ty! Nice Monkey mask

Exodia Feb 15, 2010

Dear marijuana users, I believe you are more deserving of jail time than any other type of criminal that exists. You represent the notion that breaking the law and destroying your health is okay. I'm sick and tired of the media portraying this extremely addictive and unhealthy vice in a positive light. I'm also fed up with constantly seeing so much support for legalizing yet another substance for people to hurt themselves and others with. Everyone that supports legalization of marijuana uses the stuff. They want it legal just so they can hurt themselves without worrying about getting busted. If pot were legalized, more and more people would use it and the amount of health problems among the general population would increase. I blame pot smokers for everything wrong with America. They are a sick bunch that need to be done away with and all non-smokers of pot would agree with me. In Singapore people are given capital punishment for trafficking illegal drugs including marijuana and their society is clean, sober, moral, and happy.

Unite Feb 14, 2010


Mobey Feb 14, 2010

I'm much cooler than South Park :D

Ruki Feb 14, 2010

With this cap, you see almost the same as someone from South Park haha :D

Hustla Bebe Feb 13, 2010

thanks mobey. the hate'n' came from when i had a pic up showing off my abbs after having a baby and every one called me a slut. :( so i just ignor them

Century Feb 13, 2010

its called a skin tight fade.. lol

danyell!! Feb 12, 2010

We suck but WE AINT GAY alright?! LOL

Vulcan Feb 12, 2010

is &quot;Mobey&quot; the disease you got? anyway, im sorry you are sick. Hope you make it.

danyell!! Feb 11, 2010

&quot;tiedie the motherfucker from svs in that gay ass squad klassik.... see you in wbduel... ITS ON.&quot; so uncool man, so uncool.

Zazu Feb 11, 2010

Sup mobey! Are you sure you want to be humiliated again?? At least now you can say it was &quot;luck&quot;. If I ace you again you're sure of your lack of skills..

Audrey Feb 11, 2010

watch out, one of these ugly skank you hang out with might turn worst than that. =P

Audrey Feb 10, 2010

That is rather mean and uncalled for.. considering she had 2 kids in the past 4 years.

FemalePersuasion Feb 10, 2010

I don't know why but the muscle pic made me snicker. WHERE IS YOUR OTHER ARM?!?! :-P

Audrey Feb 09, 2010

...homemade pizza :o

Mobey Feb 09, 2010


Zazu Feb 09, 2010

LOL he tries so hard to show his tiny muscles! Pressing his arm against his chest to make it look bigger ehhhh... Still SEXY!

Missa Feb 09, 2010

Mobey has muscles!!

Money Feb 09, 2010


MythriL Feb 09, 2010

you been stepping up your game in the gym son

SolidSnake~ Feb 09, 2010

oh THOSE pics are from overseas, yeah other ones are florida though

Zazu Feb 09, 2010

Sup monkey face! $ Lots of crazy adventures.. Should write a book!

SolidSnake~ Feb 08, 2010

what florida? yeah i know, i think im gonna have to live there

MythriL Feb 08, 2010

that monkey face is on point

FemalePersuasion Feb 05, 2010

Lol, he can't stand skinny pale fucks, can't stand fat people...man. Poor guy. More pity. Heh, and don't worry about it. The sheer amount of ridiculous this guy seems to possess is nothing short of amusing. Bahahha

danyell!! Feb 01, 2010

Donna Summer!??! lmao wtf Mobey

Hustla Bebe Jan 21, 2010

im not going to ask why yur wearing a monkey mask but i will ask wtf you doing ???

Missa Jan 18, 2010

Wow lol

Airship Jan 18, 2010

What up \o/

Audrey Jan 18, 2010

You're a monkey.

Mage+ Jan 12, 2010

toy cunt

Exalt Jan 06, 2010

Foster's, Australian for beer

Money Jan 04, 2010


wicket666 Jan 02, 2010

lol its mobey

Missa Jan 01, 2010

Hahaaa &lt;3 of course! :]

MythriL Jan 01, 2010

haha was a friend's birthday and i got caked somehow.. so she gave me her crown. happy new year bro

Missa Dec 30, 2009

Sup love? You look cold!

MythriL Dec 30, 2009

what up mobey

Primary Dec 16, 2009

oh god.. i can't stand these skinny pale fucks lol

Mobey Dec 16, 2009


Unite Dec 15, 2009

3rd pic, yeah boiii

PWND Dec 14, 2009

I know I'm mad cute right? =P

danyell!! Dec 14, 2009

the blood hound gang? for real?

detartrateD Oct 24, 2009

Sup Mobey! Nice car

Bware Oct 22, 2009

You're the nerd that keeps calling everyone &quot;ez&quot; and &quot;newb&quot; in elim? ha..

hungrywolf Oct 15, 2009

nah, I'm too old and chicken to race. But when I find a nice stretch of road I wind it out

hungrywolf Oct 14, 2009

Nice car, what country you from?

FemalePersuasion Oct 13, 2009


chars! Oct 12, 2009

you are the normal beetwen freak ppl...wait...you are lost too u smoke weed

Unite Oct 09, 2009

u look safe as fuk mobey

Unite Oct 09, 2009

wtf is ohmalee chattin... what a nobhead

lady starlight Sep 20, 2009

haha nice monkey face! so who's ur friend billy?

Ohmalee Sep 10, 2009

No shit i have swagga, u european retard.

Petal Sep 09, 2009

Damn boy, you got it right. You get a cookie.

danyell!! Sep 04, 2009

I do the curb stomping while wearing those shoes kid. gg.

Fooly Cooly Aug 27, 2009

so like does thatcar get you pussy? it better, cuz that looks like a huge waste of money , if it doesn't.

Harstead Aug 25, 2009

You got a fan below Mobes. Greetings from South East England.

TranceTunes Aug 20, 2009

haha nooo clue man..but yea i LOVE them because of the rarity :D

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 19, 2009

I'll make one Soon :3

Tabo Aug 19, 2009

Ur a nerd &lt;3 I will give you nerd love.

TranceTunes Aug 17, 2009

haha well aside from the spare tire there in the front...those borbet rims are definitely staying on! they don't make them anymore!! :)

Rasaq Aug 12, 2009

The one chick looks like a white version of Rhianna. 4th pic down.

Zazu Aug 12, 2009

Why would you post a picture of your wallpaper..?

Tabo Aug 12, 2009

lol you look hungover as shit in the last pic... cute

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 04, 2009

Mobey o/

40oz. Jul 06, 2009

peice of shit slut

Tabo Jul 04, 2009

Heeeyyyy pot head....

Ohmalee Jul 04, 2009

ROFL! you live in England LMAOOO!!! and you say i wouldnt survive on your streets. funny shit, i actually believe you since it looks like you got ur ass beat a couple of times. ugly ass

Disengaged Jun 29, 2009

Nah, I paint in a steel fabrication shop, and I'm slowly becoming retarded working there...

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

You look like death. Guy hangs out with all those chisk for comfort. to bad they're only nice to you cuz they feel sorry for you. keep drink up the loneliness fagg

Exile- Jun 28, 2009

lmao, why do you have to lie about who you hang with? you know you wish you were like them. :P

Crunchy Nut Jun 28, 2009

Lol wtf no resemblance at all mobey :D however I would jizz all over megan fox

Exile- Jun 27, 2009

lol come on. why do you insist on posting hate comments? Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but take a good look at all his friends..then take a look at him..its pretty easy to notice that you dont fit in very well with that group you poser. :)

Lenny Jun 26, 2009

Yeah, it's a growth on my lips. Weird.

Exile- Jun 26, 2009

Oh gosh, shut up.

Mage+ Jun 26, 2009

OMGOSH MOBEY IM BANNED &lt;333 add me on msn caster-yan@hotmail.com Peace out bitch

R.I.P Jun 25, 2009

haha, thanks (:

R.I.P Jun 24, 2009

I cant edit for my life, they're real (:

getting pwned Jun 23, 2009

ily! =\

getting pwned Jun 22, 2009

It's amazing how British people can look so American. Hi sexy &lt;3

Crunchy Nut Jun 21, 2009

alot of foreigners to ill wear my kkk gear woop

danyell!! Jun 21, 2009

Im not trying to be &quot;a rebel.&quot; I am just sick of babies crying.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 20, 2009

LOLLOL Wow..just Wow?

danyell!! Jun 20, 2009

CRY MORE. k thanks.

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

thats really a guy in a monkey mask

t0ma Jun 15, 2009

You would hang out with some fag with hoop earrings comming in my comment secting talking about fags. Stay online, you might get hurt

Audrey Jun 14, 2009

As fake as those ID you need to get that beer!!! OOOOOOOH BURN!! =P

Its-katness Jun 12, 2009

awh no.. that was an unfair thing to sayy :P does ss really make you as tired as the last picture ?

danyell!! Jun 11, 2009

well then she is a dumb bxtch! =o GET HER TO SUCK IT B!TCH... she usually does anyway! =p

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

danyell!! Jun 10, 2009

uhhh thanks? and no ty. lol................ Didnt your mother ever teach you not to play 2d spaceship games in the kitchen?...

Goddess Jun 09, 2009

aaaaaaaaw how sweet! &lt;3 :)

PWND Jun 09, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 09, 2009

I will beat your ass kid...

Ohmalee May 13, 2009

u look f'd up in the last pic lol

Crunchy Nut May 05, 2009

Alcoholic Wreck!

Unite May 04, 2009

stella $

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

damn emo girls are like kryptonite -_-

SoJa Apr 24, 2009

can i pipe?

R.I.P Apr 23, 2009

lol im not a dyke :p

SexualRobotics Apr 10, 2009

It's that bald headed Mobey!