"i'll never forget Continuum. STONERZ 4 life."
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Dropout Bear Jun 25, 2012

wuts with the winter jacket brah?

LiL*PiGGy May 27, 2012

Lolololol I eat so much more than that, trust me.. I got a double quarter meal upsized with 6 nuggets on the side one.. Hell yeeeeea, take me out for a date and watch me eat. :>

Rocket Soldier Oct 04, 2011

*Pokes* o/

absurd99 Sep 29, 2011


Cojafoji Sep 28, 2011

lol thief

Okay [0G] Jun 04, 2011


Okay [0G] Jun 04, 2011


Kinky-Girl Feb 16, 2011

do you even play!!!

PIGSisPIGS Feb 11, 2011

you're a hypocrite and a douchebag.

PIGSisPIGS Feb 11, 2011

So I get in trouble for using Jew in proper context when I'm Jewish, but lowentropy can have a swastika as a banner?

Boofcat Jul 10, 2010

a very serious consideration of options vis-a-vis turntables would be to get pioneer cdj 1000s, they are expsnive, but rly good. btw, i've had a lot of bad experience with behringers, i highly recommend a mackie 1604 or a spirit fx16. peace.

rushable Jul 09, 2010

thats why i bought numark stuff, its cheaper and works aswell for begginers :)

j.reyez Apr 24, 2010

y u hav 100 pic like girl on fb

AznBabiGurl Apr 15, 2010

I quit lol. Sometimes I miss SS and I come on to see if any1 writes on my wall :) But I gave my username to sum1 so if you see me on, it's not meeee :p See you on FB! I forget what ur name was lol.

Machine of God Apr 03, 2010

badass, do a big of body work and tint those windows and you'd have a pretty gangster car

Machine of God Mar 31, 2010

dont tangle it twisted the beemer is the shit, love those rims

Machine of God Mar 26, 2010

Mercedes are crap

Hustla Bebe Mar 26, 2010

thanks :)

Mariposa Mar 25, 2010

u need bmw m3 :)

Bware Mar 24, 2010

cool car man. im glad we got every single angle available

Vulcan Mar 24, 2010

ew a charmedes.. i have to agree with what Zazu said below.

Tigron-X Mar 23, 2010

nicely done

Zazu Mar 23, 2010

I liked that red BMW so much better... :oP~

ZypheN Mar 23, 2010

nice car

chars! Mar 23, 2010

the house > the car fuck the mercedez

MITB Mar 20, 2010

I thought u were azn? liar

PhyRe Mar 18, 2010

i'm still mad at you for the clown shoes thing trance

Xog Mar 12, 2010


Mobey Mar 03, 2010

yeh twas a compliment lol, my teeth are terrible. although being brit its understandable.

Mange Mar 01, 2010

ahh truee.. I'm half afghan :)

Mange Feb 25, 2010

whats ur background

absurd99 Feb 25, 2010

Your teeth are perfect, I wish they were mine! Do you have veneers? lol :P

Mobey Feb 24, 2010

trance you beautiful young man.. that new photo nearly turned me homo.

Airship Feb 23, 2010

you have a nice smile

Missa Feb 16, 2010


wicket666 Jan 03, 2010

sup trance

inaphyt Dec 29, 2009

Trance are you a dad? Alot of families would invite you in for dinner. : D

absurd99 Dec 24, 2009

Who's the little cutie on the top?

Cherry2000 Dec 20, 2009

I can't believe you still live with your mom

Missa Dec 11, 2009

Heyyyyy <3

Fusionbomb Nov 22, 2009

I would never post a picture of my car if it looked like that. :|

Healt Nov 11, 2009

woaaaah, nice hair on the last one ;D

Machine of God Nov 07, 2009

do you really need this many pictures, grow some tits jesus

FemalePersuasion Nov 02, 2009

The man of a thousand poses.

papist Nov 02, 2009

pee pee ur not the most handsomest brotha either

Fork Sep 11, 2009

That red car is a beast! V nice, I'm so jealous. Pee pee sock he's not ugly- u posted that comment accidenly under his name instead of mine

h2o60 Aug 25, 2009

small feet?

Mobey Aug 19, 2009

wow tt, how much do you reckon those rims are worth now then?

Mobey Aug 12, 2009

yo tt, loving the bm... think you need some new alloys then it'd look badboy!

Sandie Aug 08, 2009

haha yea i LOVE randy! cracks me up so much :D

Wayspace Aug 01, 2009

4 pics of you in a bedroom? are you trying to imply something?

Disengaged Jul 27, 2009

Yeah, it's really either hit or miss with some of their models, some go forever and some just die before they hit 100k. This was the car I was talking about... it's gorgeous but I'm broke as hell :( - http://plattsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/1267490824.h tml

Disengaged Jul 26, 2009

nice car man, I love BMWs. i was looking into buying a 99' BMW 528i, with this bad-ass paint color that only 3 other BMWs in America had. then i saw it had 150k for 8500. no thanks lol

S k e t c h y Jul 24, 2009

holy epic collage of yourself. the one with the oakenfold glasses is prime.

TranceTunes Jul 19, 2009

the front tire on my car is the only one that isnt a borbet rim...had a flat..but yea otherwise i have borbet rims for all 4. i love my 1989 bmw 325i :D

Devest Jul 14, 2009

hi trance

Grandias Jun 10, 2009

hey, where you been? call me, we should chill.

PWND Jun 05, 2009

=o That scarf is kickass!

danyell!! May 29, 2009

nice shoes...they match your hair =)

strayed May 24, 2009

NERD ALERT@!!@!@!@

Weak May 23, 2009

lovin the mohawk, lookin fresh vinay!

Ohmalee May 14, 2009


a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

mmm, you have Vidal Sassoon hair. i want to run my fingers through it

Z*E*R*0 May 04, 2009

"LAMERS", best pic on twgallery $ looking fresh TT, keep it real

Fooly Cooly Apr 28, 2009

the pic with your hand on your head looks like you're in a shampoo commercial

infrared Apr 19, 2009

lostprophets before they went emo = $$$

SexualRobotics Apr 15, 2009

I like the mohawk.

SoJa Apr 03, 2009

like dead ass can i pipe the upper pics?