""Bite it you scum" - GG Allin"

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Kinky-Girl Dec 29, 2012


Slacker! Feb 13, 2011

awesome pics

Mariposa Jan 26, 2011

i like ur picz!!

TagMor Jan 25, 2011

hello old space friend

pee pee sock Sep 12, 2010

r u gay? cause ur cute and id love to throw it in ya. gg tho

Zazu Sep 02, 2010

Why so jealous at my looks? Sup with those pubes hanging under your chin?

LMAO Sep 01, 2010

1 love homey

Fem. Aug 31, 2010

Glazed as fuck.

Mobey Aug 30, 2010

Wow, guess you took my tip from last year and got yo grandma to knit a jumper from all that hair.. correct? You look pretty damn high too.

danyell!! Aug 29, 2010

My little cousin gave me my silly bands. I have a guitar and one that says I <3 u on it. I used to have one that said peace on it...but i can't find it =/

LiL*PiGGy Aug 29, 2010

Anytime . Brad Pitt. :)

Monkaria Aug 29, 2010

I like to hope that everyone is clean. Showers are important, you know. Hhehe >:3 (I am joking btw).

danyell!! Aug 28, 2010

You do look better with short hair FO SHO sir.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 28, 2010

Wow, You look so much more Mature / BETTER, with short hair! :)

Monkaria Aug 28, 2010

Brad Pitt on drugs. :P Take care, sonnyjim!

Cadbury Aug 28, 2010

so much hotter with your hair short

Sniffles Aug 28, 2010

omg you cut all your hair off?

PWND May 16, 2010

Miss you!

Bware Mar 28, 2010


Display Jan 12, 2010

kill yourself alredy

joemoma Dec 30, 2009

resol what you know bout guns? just ordered me a FN Five seveN :) cop killer...

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 30, 2009

i kept thinking you were black but hell nah you are country. Pro GG

Vulcan Dec 29, 2009

yes 2+2=4 pics. weird ? are you puzzled? nvm, I should'nt ask you questions.. they will prob just confuse you more.

wicket666 Dec 19, 2009

i just posted my shot gun cause of you

resoL Dec 15, 2009

I saw absurd99 post a gun pic, so I did...

Audrey Dec 15, 2009

whats up with the gun =(

PWND Dec 15, 2009

Cutie &lt;33 Everyone should be jealous of his hair. It's sexyyy

Cojafoji Dec 14, 2009


resoL Dec 14, 2009

And Zazu, Rainbows and Pink shirts are super gay, you little cock lover.

resoL Dec 14, 2009

LOL! Plastic!? You dumb fuk, Its a 357 Mag. Dip Shit. I'll upload another pic..

Oat Dec 14, 2009

Resol you're a G, straight up.

NoNameBrand Dec 13, 2009

Yup, jealous of the hair.

FemalePersuasion Dec 13, 2009

I can respect a man that can wear long hair, and knows how to take care of it. Word.

Zazu Dec 13, 2009

lolol the plastic gun is super gay..

Goddess Dec 13, 2009

yeah i had no problems with you ... ur hairs pretty and clean is better that kk's dirty greasy bs eh? but its the gun that got u ignored :(

joemoma Nov 25, 2009

lol coulda swore u were uber nerd

Raazi Nov 25, 2009

HOLY FUCK its Shawn Michaels!

JaneDoe Nov 22, 2009

fuck up zazu seriously youre in love with goddess you are in no place to judge hun.

resoL Nov 22, 2009

Are you seriously going to give me a hard time for being clean? And resol is more then an alias on subspace. Thank you very much for the concern.

Zazu Nov 22, 2009

Scary.. Looks like you use the shampoo of your girlfriend (or sister in case you don't have a girlfriend) ((or mother in case you don't have a sister)). And putting your subspace name on your plates is REALLY gay, must second Kid Kaos.

resoL Nov 22, 2009

LOL Kid Kaos! HAHAHA Its not just about subspace lol.

Kid Kaos Nov 22, 2009

This guy must be like the coolest redneck in the trailor park community now that he got his fansy new plates that have his spaceship fighter pilot nickname on them!!!!!

Goddess Nov 22, 2009

lol resol thats kewl... ima do the same with my name :P

JaneDoe Nov 22, 2009

ily resol &lt;3 ;D piercing really suits you hun

Swig Nov 21, 2009

quailman is tooooo legit to quit ahahaha

hungrywolf Nov 08, 2009

whats up resol

Spinel Oct 02, 2009

its resol o/ like ur piercing

resoL Sep 19, 2009

lol thanks

Bware Sep 17, 2009

dude your hair is super long, its awesome

pee pee sock Aug 27, 2009

take down that american flag pls. canada ftw

Mobey Aug 12, 2009

YO RESOL.. my grandma could nit a mighty fine jumper out of that hair.

Audrey Aug 10, 2009

Haaaai! Dont grow longer hair than me!!! =P

Tabo Aug 10, 2009

Sexy sexy.. &lt;3