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Where I can be found wbduel, elim, baseelim
More about me began SS July 2003 began TW July 27, 2009 newbftw

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Repent Apr 10, 2011

get active again BROSEPH!

Exodia Jun 14, 2010

Machine, why are you saying "Hitler Youth" like it's a bad thing? White Pride World Wide.

Machine of God Apr 09, 2010

what an asshole, I give you a compliment and you insult me

Spoiled Mar 31, 2010

think ur pics are negative colors. pm me in game if u want me 2 fix for u

Machine of God Mar 31, 2010

you look like a Hitler youth

TagMor Mar 05, 2010

absurd just blew my mind.

Missa Dec 21, 2009

You're freaking adorable.

absurd99 Dec 14, 2009

I believe this gallery symbolizes an edeath of sorts. tw obituary. 89 years from now the database will be sold to a funeral home and they will threathn familes of deceased tw players. Pay us or we shall post pictures along with their comments in the tw e-obituary. By then the interent will go through a law legislation which will state it to be free for all and an spot of anarchy; as the public will need a release from new dictatorship of a new one world ordered government. Aliens and Bigfoot will be the only releif in some peoples' mind as a last hope. A empty right brained rational of this absurd maddness called life.

Growing Oct 22, 2009

so intense haah

Oat Oct 13, 2009

what, incredible? yeah... i guess it shows...

Exalt Oct 13, 2009

LOL just as I figured you would look like

Oat Oct 11, 2009

planche pushups? you? impressive. never heard of em til now, but i decided i like them, and that im going to work on being able to do them. I'll post a pic of it in 1month

Nixi Oct 11, 2009

you big blonde oaty devil, quit acing me in elim

oops Oct 11, 2009

you aint fit like me until you can planche pushup son.

Gripe Sep 17, 2009

hey guy, 27/m/bi-curious. want to get some dinner and see if we can't make some sparks fly? call me

FemalePersuasion Sep 12, 2009

It's the grain. :)

danyell!! Sep 11, 2009

=o i c u.

Repent Aug 30, 2009

haha oat i see you a mack huh :P

Weak Aug 28, 2009

4,919. :D

Fooly Cooly Aug 27, 2009

goddess wants to eat you. and she can

Chrissygirl Aug 20, 2009

yeah, he's quite the fiesty little devil.

war_bringer Aug 18, 2009

sup BRAH. lol i crack myself up

Goddess Aug 18, 2009

K I like that pic :P

PWND Aug 17, 2009

no comment

wicket666 Aug 17, 2009

lol oat bro o/

Shawn Aug 16, 2009

you look like a white supremacist

Goddess Aug 15, 2009

Are you the old fashioned or rolled & instant variety? lol