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About Me

Age 37
Location Portlandish,OR
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Wbduel usually going neg $$
More about me If I played this game as well as I play guitar...nothing would be any different.

Things I Like 
Books I can't even read!
Movies Superbad
Musics Thrice
Songs Lydia- Now the one you once loved is leaving.


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BrickRed Jun 18, 2011

wasup wint!

wint Mar 16, 2011

Sweet I've got a fan club $$$

Sweater Mar 16, 2011


moth Mar 16, 2011

rofl gay fuk

Display Mar 14, 2011

displaying my lack of brain? no im just telling u that ur a homosexual. dont need brain cells to figure that one out faggot

wint Mar 11, 2011

I think you wish I were...too bad for you.

Display Mar 10, 2011

i think ur a fruit

wint Mar 07, 2011

I know :( sad panda!

MoNo. Mar 06, 2011

Oh so sad...why are all the good music ish dying.

wint Mar 05, 2011

MoNo! yesssss....I love Lydia. They played here in Portland a while back and I missed it. I just recently found out they broke up :( sad days!

2pacZ Mar 05, 2011

sup wint

MoNo. Mar 05, 2011

I do like lydia too. Hah