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About Me

Age 35
Location Earth
Gender Male
Personal website none.
Where I can be found pub 2. when there was one...
More about me 4/20 friendly as well as friendly in general.

Things I Like 
Books The outsiders, Catcher in the rye. Van gogh Books.
Movies Shaun Of the Dead, the warriors, Where the wild things are, No Country for Old Men.
Musics JACK PAROW, Gazelle, Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolf parade, Atmosphere, Lou reed.
Songs P.A.R.T.Y- Jack Parow, Everthing- Limp Bizkit, Just Now-Gazelle


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Godzero Nov 26, 2011

How do I donate to the church of Sheeple?

Repent Jan 22, 2011

Yea! Gnarbro!!

Mossad Jan 21, 2011

hey Sheeple. :)

Sheeple Jan 16, 2011

GODZERO! My man! wts is this?!

Godzero Jan 07, 2011

hell yeah, get your grazing on!