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About Me

Age 32
Location Espoo
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found .?find dreamwin
More about me terr - once again 1:Children> about to get DRUNK 1:Drimu> where u going tonite 1:Children> no where? 1:zidane> LOL 1:Children> LOL 1:Drimu> LOLOL

Things I Like 
Books .
Movies .
Musics .
Songs .


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fakiiri Jul 02, 2014

Hah cool, unibet open! When did you start poker playing, any tips for a beginner? :D My thing is sports betting mainly what i like to do as a hobby :)

board Oct 24, 2012

your bluffing...

Dreamwin Oct 21, 2012

LOL pps? Wud luv to haf laser eyes $_$

pee pee sock Oct 17, 2012

LOL IS THAT U IRL????? LOOOOOOL AHAHAH AHhsashajkshkjahkhakshkahkshkashk I CANT BREATH

Swaggernaut Oct 17, 2012

damn no wonder your so good, such an intense poker face. feel like if you took off those glasses you'de have laser eyes

Dreamwin May 16, 2010

thx bro

ar May 14, 2010

nice photo

Shan Jun 20, 2009

Jeap :P

Olivier Mar 22, 2009