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About Me

Location CANADA
Gender Male
Personal website http://youtube.com/DavidParody
Where I can be found At various 18 wheeler truck stops.
More about me Triple crowned TWL Season 17. Was in the hospital for my back for three months post TWL.

Things I Like 
Books How To Be A Champion
Movies Rocky V
Songs We Are The Champions


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Slaught <ER> Nov 18, 2012

suh suh G. Beer & jav party next weekend gangsta?

LiL*PiGGy Oct 15, 2011

LOLOL. Yes you do

LiL*PiGGy Oct 13, 2011

y u keep sayin dis.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 24, 2011

yee yee boy

Zath May 08, 2011

Hello DavidParody! Pleasure to meet you, it's a great day isn't it?!

lopist Nov 24, 2010

2$ LOOl

24 Nov 03, 2010

Thanks for donating! Just so you know, to get a medal beside your TWD name: Donations Medals: $5 = Blue, $10 = Red, $25 = Green, $50 = Silver, $100 = Gold