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About Me

Location US Florida/Belleview
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.paladen.net
Where I can be found Wbduel/Elim/baseelim
More about me Love kicking KJW's ASS!!

Things I Like 
Books fishing/ss
Movies fishing/ss
Musics fishing/ss
Songs fishing/ss


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BugySwartz May 09, 2020

hey jeb, you look good

jebass Apr 29, 2020

Hey Jess thanks man go with God Speed

Jessup Apr 26, 2020

Jebass ready to snipe me in elim here. Jeb we luv you!! I wish you and the misses all the best. Play subspace on ur phone tethered to ur computer when you move. Thanks for all the great times my friend!! PALADEN 4EVA!! <3

Orcha Dec 21, 2016

Sup jeb :)

Dropout Bear Jul 24, 2016

nice fish mr jeb

jebass Oct 07, 2015

O I agree them are small ones my 12.5 pounder is on the wall with my 11 pounder those were eatten

joemoma Oct 07, 2015

lol love aside thats not a picture worthy fish!

joemoma Oct 02, 2015

tiny bass bro

Jessup Apr 16, 2015

Hi Jebass, thanks for letting me on Paladen . This squad seems kind of cool. Let's win TWL ^_^ <3 This game is fun!!!!

soupero Aug 30, 2013

LOL u rude as fk "I might kill him one day"

jebass Aug 28, 2013

That baby deer I caught it and let it go.It was a little buck,I told that baby that one day i might kill him

pee pee sock Aug 27, 2013

I would shoot that dear and eat it. pls don't axe me.

Frogsk|n Nov 09, 2012

Sup, we were old squaddies we shud play together again! Take care o/ -frog

LamedFighter Oct 02, 2012

Hey Jebass! Long time no see. Hope you are well. Just felt like dropping you a line. Good to see Paladen still alive. Take care. -LF

Die When Hit!! Aug 07, 2011

Hey mate! Gl teaming with me, I hope you can follow ;-).

Crackling May 21, 2011

yo jeb heard u made twl gratz.. gl getting ur dick sucked!!

jebass Apr 06, 2011

Damn am getting to old for this game with all the kids in tw driving me crazy with there smart asses lol

Concern Mar 03, 2011

Sup Jeb! How are you? I sold my laptop that's why i havent been on, I'm waiting to buy a new laptop.

LamedFighter Aug 22, 2010

Elite Paladen ftw!!! Lol Inside joke

jebass Aug 02, 2010

Paladen is going to twl where is MK when I need him!!!

MetalKid May 14, 2010

Radar king after me, maybe. :)

Myollnir May 02, 2010

save a bass for me!

Disengaged Apr 02, 2010

see you soon, commander :O

jebass Mar 11, 2010

I will own you all 1v1 Iam the radar King lol hehe

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010

LOL sup Jeb? You live in Georgia? :O

Dameon Angell Oct 26, 2009

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb302/Alastor_0 2/Motivational%20Posters/motivator7248988.jpg I found your brother! :P

WarSong Jul 04, 2009

catch therm bass homer

Weak Jul 02, 2009

i like talapia o.o

Skyn May 31, 2009

$$ now i know what's for dinner.

pee pee sock May 22, 2009