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Nemon Jun 29, 2009

can i have your sisters phone number?

Quart Jun 14, 2009

why do you upload pictures on both your names?

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Dark*Star360 Jun 08, 2009


Lycanthropy Jun 06, 2009

Man tomorrow we needs to just hangout also. .|_|.

L3MU3L Jun 04, 2009

That first pic is one of the best ones i've seen on gallery lol!

PWND Jun 04, 2009

No babies cause your bullets are magnetized to me.

danyell!! Jun 02, 2009

pic number 1 ftw.

Growing Jun 01, 2009

hahah u kinda do look like that guy hahahahah what did you pay/drug that girl with to get her to put her elbow on ur lap? or is that ur sis

t0ma Jun 01, 2009

If I would go to jail for beating this fag and his friends when they make a &quot;road trip&quot; to come see me, then you should go to jail for being the mother of J-B-Inc's child. PPS, you're a redneck, kkk Imperial wizard wannabe; go get a real gun. Primary, you like playing pretend with that Immortal mask; they got beat just like you in game

NO <3 May 31, 2009

is that supposed to be you pointing out how gay you are in the red circle? cuz i thought that was obvious? -_-

Goddess May 31, 2009

I'm pretty sure that you'd go to jail for being up on a 15 year old child toma... i'm done argueing here but to say gj Primary for disabling ur comments. This guy is pathetic and i SERIOUSLY CANNOT BELIEVE HE HASN&quot;T BEEN BANNED FOR RACISM YET

Skyn May 31, 2009

Good one, spooky.

Primary May 31, 2009

do urself a favor and throw out the bowl you use as a guide when cutting your hair

Lenny May 31, 2009


pee pee sock May 31, 2009

t0ma, uninstall the game, ur an embarressment. u curly headed downs syndrom kid.

Mango. May 31, 2009

ugly newb

Skyn May 31, 2009

LOL ur too new to remember Skynyrd? I only used that name for 5 years.. get good T0MA, really.

t0ma May 31, 2009

Ya pussy, I would love to see you in my face talking shit. Make that road trip with your pussy friends. Who the fuck are you anyways? Look at all of this trash in TW's. Make a name and stick with it pussy

Exalt May 30, 2009

you know that kid from toy soldiers? you look like him with that long hair

Skyn May 30, 2009

T0MA, it's sad when you base your life on a spaceship game gallery, talking shit to people that are actually better than you at the game. Your insults aren't good, clever or funny and your still ugly.

t0ma May 30, 2009

Bitch you look like a little boy. And I'm ugly? Your parents have made it possible for you to be a father of some unfortunate baby, with a gold digger, standing on a keg and standing in between an anorexic chick and an obese chick?

Shan May 30, 2009

Africa sucks balls

Growing May 30, 2009

you kinda look like kurt cobane or how ever u spell that......is that a good thing? lol

Weak May 30, 2009

lol that would be awesome

Primary May 30, 2009

lol go check carburetor's latest post by me the same friend i had look at his pics looked at yours LOL he said very similar shit about ur goofy lookin ass LOL buddy i don't even know why i bother all these fugly ass nerds trying to start battles lol

Primary May 30, 2009

it should be illegal for 2 retards to make a child but as you can see above it's been goin on for some time now :/

PWND May 29, 2009

Wow you look like a fucking 12 year old. Hit puberty kid.

NO <3 May 29, 2009

you look like nixi

Ward May 28, 2009


Goddess May 28, 2009

ok make up ur flippin mind ONE PROFILE PLEASE cause ur confusing me... not that thats very hard to do :/

Valentine Rose May 28, 2009

wtf is that thing on her lap!?