"A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalis"
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About Me

Age 41
Location Georgia
Gender Male
Personal website Infowars.com
Where I can be found ?go
More about me Infowars.com Prisonplanet.com Ron Paul 2012

Things I Like 
Books Big Brother The Orwellian Nightmare come true
Movies The Obama Deception


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Panda Jul 06, 2013

So much drama on your comment wall. :(

PrettyMadness Jun 06, 2013


t0ma Apr 14, 2012

Sure, what's up?!? ;)

Second Shot Apr 12, 2012

t0ma's back?

t0ma Feb 15, 2012

Affliction Dec 21, 2009


Affliction Dec 21, 2009


Hustla Bebe Dec 10, 2009

toma, your ss famous. everyone has yu in there pics lol.

Machine of God Nov 07, 2009

T0ma so hot right now, Toma

danyell!! Sep 13, 2009

Where u been TOOOOMA?

PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2009

lol - what do you mean holy shit my blue eyes? lol they change colors sometimes. and what does danyell needa clap for you for? lol i havent saw her in over a week. i was gonna go see her today but she said no becuase she's sick so.... =p

t0ma Aug 23, 2009

Hi...man. Pwnd, you would be wanting to fuck me so bad irl, shhh

PrettyMadness Aug 21, 2009

TOMA! Hey man!

Qualified Aug 20, 2009

pwnd funny you should say that, if you have lost ur virginity is obviously to your hand u ugly put on my thizz face to u BEEZY afk.

PWND Aug 19, 2009


danyell!! Aug 08, 2009

*claps* =P hahaha

Halo Divine Aug 03, 2009


t0ma Jul 14, 2009

war and primary LOL

t0ma Jul 13, 2009

You're a moron.

Anorexia Jul 12, 2009

of course it wouldn't be, dipshit.

danyell!! Jul 10, 2009

heyyyy MAN! =P You been dancing the night away in pub on the outskirts?

PrettyMadness Jul 10, 2009

lol i liked that you said hey pm and danyell, lol like were always together haha annnd shes sitting beside me, she says hello :) whatss uppp? were scraping bowls lol

t0ma Jul 10, 2009

Who are you? Learn English

Manco Jul 09, 2009

u suk plus ur gey

t0ma Jul 09, 2009

I love these experts giving me advice from spec

Exalt Jul 07, 2009

You know, the running isn't a big deal to me, but I think you need to learn how to do both things. Running is only good when you are outnumbered like 1v4 in a dd. Your team still needs you to help them at all times besides that, so run back to the team and then you gotta kill too. Work on aiming and you might get better. Watch burnt play he has the same type of style, but he does it while aiming too. He has won TWL, so maybe you should emulate him a lil more, if that is what you want.

t0ma Jul 06, 2009

You can't see my pic on the website b/c YOU fail using IE instead of firefox

Primary Jul 06, 2009

i'd have posted that on your wall war_bringer but as you live in a fantasy world where u can be racist then run scared and hide i got this message: Privacy setting for this user do not allow you to access this gallery, step into reality lol

Primary Jul 06, 2009

actually war im no longer banned, they finally looked into the racist logs, ban lifted as I was right as I always am, why lie online like you war (i never said dimebags was dead it was a joke!!! <insert racist slur>) whine elsewhere war not my fault u still haven't combed your hair hobo

war_bringer Jul 06, 2009

Primary don't cry because you got banned for a year for being a raging nerd. GG

Primary Jul 05, 2009

i ran from t0ma into a wall of war_bringer's racist stupidity, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

danyell!! Jul 04, 2009

T O M A ! ! ! !

Tabo Jul 01, 2009

hehe i don't run from t0ma xoxo... Put a good pic up this one lies about how good looking you really are.... Bang bang ded.

KuleniKs Jun 29, 2009

Hi t0ma. I'm going to talk to you on here since you have me ignored in game. gg.

Suppression Jun 29, 2009

no picture on DC website... FAIL but gg

reability Jun 25, 2009

there is no picture

Suppression Jun 25, 2009

t0ma you would probably be good at track, since you runa very long distance, and always seem to win

Suppression Jun 25, 2009

run t0ma run

t0ma Jun 24, 2009

http://twd.trenchwars.org/?v=squads&squadI D=10926&tab=profile

reability Jun 24, 2009

how about posting the website then or pming it me, cause i cant find it in google :OOOO

Mobey Jun 23, 2009

this guy is pro-cool.

t0ma Jun 23, 2009

My real pic is on the DeathCaps website lol; along with my current perm ignore list :D

PH Jun 23, 2009

you missed me 3 times at close range, you say? those 3 misses are what separate you from players with talent, rookie trash

L3MU3L Jun 22, 2009


reability Jun 22, 2009

put in a real pic dude..

Ward Jun 21, 2009

maybe some day you'll lose your virginity

t0ma Jun 21, 2009

Log on as yourself moron. It's ez to say you were playing that person. Why not mention you team like a punk bitch. Yes you hit dildo bongs too lol. Lay off the drugs idiot. Oh ya, that person's name was I RAN FROM T0MA? with a question mark. Hey mono and tabo :)

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 20, 2009

Hey there

Jolly Fat Man Jun 20, 2009

Maybe you should Terr.. make things much easier.

L3MU3L Jun 20, 2009

It was me aliased as "I RAN FROM T0MA!" I sat perfectly still and let you shoot at me 5 times, u missed all 5 then I hit you with my first shot. Maybe you should try to gain some skills before you start running your mouth eh? If you put half the effort in your aim as you did you running you might actually be a decent wb. Does you know good to run run run if when you shoot you miss miss miss. Go ahead, make a comeback about me hitting my "dildo bong", that's all you got on me son. P.S. your a fag

t0ma Jun 20, 2009

You are fail, you gay bitch posting pics of you with fags

Mobey Jun 20, 2009

fail essay is fail.

t0ma Jun 20, 2009

Everyone? More like a bunch of idiots teaming me in elim and some others that hate b/c they can't manage a win. Or the win they manage is by the hair of their gay ass lol. It was nice to see someone (guero and apok aliased most likely) JUSTLY speced for teaming today . ph, if you stay out of the x in pub, you might get better at wb and stop that disappearing off radar, surprise attack or whatever that was that made the game last an hour. It was destined that you win today (narrowly escaping death like 5 times at least and being saved by that tree in the end lol) so you could post that pic just for me to own you the next thousand times.

Tabo Jun 20, 2009

lol i saw you for the first time in elim today i had no idea who you were. Why does everyone hate you....?!? :D

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

T0MA&gt; tired you running off and shit

Jolly Fat Man Jun 19, 2009

I heard you run?

t0ma Jun 19, 2009

Call your daughter a ginger fuck when she can understand you

Money Jun 19, 2009

LOL bastard father, dont hate on me because you're mad at your daddy, gayboy

danyell!! Jun 19, 2009

lmao at what u said to 40oz... People are obsessed with you TOMA!! =/ fuck em. HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS! =) I think if everyone would could cry just a little more about T0MA we could flood the world. k thanks.

t0ma Jun 19, 2009

LOL, 40oz. I'm just speachless O.o... Ummmmm, errrrr...your pants are too tight maybe? I think that might be the reason you have brain damage

t0ma Jun 19, 2009

Hey lem, you know how to quote? You manage to stay off that dildo bong long enough and off of my nuts posting my pics and commenting on everyone's section, you might be someone

t0ma Jun 19, 2009

Hey money, go screw some more mexicans and be a bastard father?

Money Jun 17, 2009

LOL this guy got the weakest comebacks, even wards are better.

40oz. Jun 17, 2009

lol everyone fucking hates you slut

L3MU3L Jun 17, 2009

and i quote..&quot;The world's probably gonna end soon.&quot; T0MA man lay off the shrooms for real.

t0ma Jun 17, 2009

Money, you're a pathetic excuse for a dad. The world's probably gonna end soon, but if it doesn't, your girl will probably kill herself having you as a father

t0ma Jun 17, 2009

You're cooler than me, you hang out with gay asses with pink hoop earrings lol

Mobey Jun 16, 2009

Actually I can beat you in game, you've never owned me kid, gtfo. Also: I took/know alot more about drugs than you.. that don't make me any cooler but I know for a fact I have more of a life than you. GOOD GAME KIDDO.

Money Jun 16, 2009

put real pics up instead of shroom pics and they might get accepted, guess u cant read the rules either dumb jew

t0ma Jun 15, 2009

Get a real life and stay the fuck off the comment section fag bitch. You can't beat me in the game and you can't beat me here. Those are fags you're around in your pic and wtf do you know about shrooms kid?

Mobey Jun 15, 2009

lol those aren't ear-rings, but you would obviously say that because you've never left the house. get a real photo please then come talk, ugly fail nerd.

t0ma Jun 15, 2009

You would hang out with some fag with hoop earrings comming in my comment secting talking about fags. Stay online, you might get hurt otherwise

Mobey Jun 14, 2009

faggot takes shrooms, tries to post a pic of them on here to show hes cool, but too scared to show face? either a fucking troll or virgin fag if you ask me.

t0ma Jun 14, 2009

Who the fuck keeps rejecting my shroom pics?? Bunch of fucking gay ass mods. I will not suck your cock to get a pic up lol. Keep thinking your something important. I know most of you snitch irl

Crunchy Nut Jun 14, 2009

If everybody started playing like you would it encourage you to invest in a keyboard with a forward arrow key?

t0ma Jun 13, 2009

Crunchy, if everyone played like me, then it would be a stalemate idiot. Some of the most pathetic trash this world has to offer. Money, YOU'RE gay. Leaving numerous messages on one man's comment section. I reject you and all of the other fags on this comment section. Now, go end your pathetic existence

Crunchy Nut Jun 13, 2009

Again out of curiosty, what do you think the game would be like if everybody played like you?

Money Jun 13, 2009


t0ma Jun 13, 2009

gripe, you erase my comments on your comment board so here you go, again. Gtfo of my comment section, I'm not gay. I think you should kill yourself

Gripe Jun 12, 2009

'wannabe thug punk'? god you're a hopeless nerd. angry angry hopeless virgin nerd.

t0ma Jun 12, 2009

killah, you fake, wannabe thug punk, aliased coward

Cojafoji Jun 12, 2009

looks like god took a shit.

Ignite Jun 12, 2009

What were Arnold Schwarzenegger's last words to the Predator in that movie upon seeing his face for the first time separate from the mask.

killah Jun 12, 2009

LOl u kids are sweating t0mas garbage ass like gym socks get over it he runs... not like he can kill anything

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

You learn to get more than 7 kills yet?

t0ma Jun 11, 2009

You fags never get enough of my virtual nuts?

Money Jun 11, 2009


PrettyMadness Jun 11, 2009

i see curly hair! =)

Mobey Jun 11, 2009


NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Mobey Jun 09, 2009


Gripe Jun 08, 2009

You can teach me how to type, it'll be a trade..

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

Do you want me to tech you how to play?

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

oh shit i just shot at T0MA's page and ran back to my gallery before he even saw me. sounds familiar? -_-

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

T0MA you are a insert &quot;nerd rage&quot; here. end comment.

Gripe Jun 07, 2009

Stylez why don't you teach your mentally ill friend how to play this game?

L3MU3L Jun 07, 2009


Stylez Jun 07, 2009

Haha, I know this cat irl... He's not this overbearing in-person. Alan, calm down, tis' only a video game, don't let these asshats get to you... ;)

Gripe Jun 06, 2009

You're clearly stupid. I believe that you really do think you're good and you're in such deep denial about the fact that you're terrible, that you actually believe the bullshit you say. Also pretty sure you're a virgin based on how you rage at girls. Ugly and unintelligent.. ouch.

L3MU3L Jun 06, 2009

t0ma...Did you think about what you were going to say or did your mouth just celebrate the fact that your brain formed a sentence?

t0ma Jun 06, 2009

Gripe, you're fucking garbage. Try winning an elim any way you want. It's funny how idiots who never win have all the answers. I can be beat moron; I just own at least 90 percent of you. And that teaming shit and getting speced by fag mods will come to an end

t0ma Jun 06, 2009

Pwnd, wtfever ugly bitch. You back-pedal more than anyone with luck shit. Then you have to come in the next game and team me with Kdakcialkdja, Apoc and ZULUZ. You're pathetic trash and fuck no you didn't own me, one of those was a tk. You'll never do that shit in your life again

Gripe Jun 05, 2009

Again, you don't &quot;own&quot; anyone. ANYONE in this game can play like you and win an elim. The only thing you're good at is not getting bored playing the way you play. The &quot;style&quot; you've &quot;adapted&quot; is called refusing to fight. Winning elim to ten 7-2 is not impressive. Talk all you want, I just really hope you don't actually think you're good

PWND Jun 05, 2009

You don't own anyone. You back pedal and shoot so by chance someone runs into your bullets. And even if you are on the screen, you're on the edge of it so you have enough chance to get away and run. You're so lucky it was 6am when I owned you in elim cause instead of you getting me on 9 by luck, I would have owned you 5-0...and and when you whined (BULLSHIT! Such bs luck!) it was amazing. Fucking handful of busted ass newb garbage.

t0ma Jun 04, 2009

gripe, I own you constantly. You're garbage and you will never win an elim with me in it. I can ignore any dumbass that says anything about my play who can't beat me

Gripe Jun 04, 2009

You don't own anyone t0ma. I think in order to 'own' someone, they need to be on your screen when you kill them. Why do you call it &quot;TW's&quot;? Trench War's? Trench War's what? You say ridiculous things like &quot;I own you&quot; and then ignore anyone who tells you that you suck and why.. what a pussy..

t0ma Jun 03, 2009

no &lt;3 (tell your dog Zenabee to stop humping my leg), L3MUEL (go suck on your dildo shaped bong), Skyn (log on as you retard) = pussy bitches. Have a nice, fucked in the head, pussy bitch day! :D

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

show your face fag atleast nixi had the balls to come out unlike you. you hide in game and on gallery gg. -_-

Skyn Jun 02, 2009

LOL log in to gallery to see t0ma still dropping me comments after i just won 4 games in a row vs him and mvp'd twice :(

L3MU3L Jun 02, 2009

Die in a fire bitch.

Dameon Angell Jun 01, 2009

I'm glad I ruin your life as much as I do. Gives me something to laugh about during the day.

t0ma Jun 01, 2009

Crunchy bitch, I never said I was the best in TW's, just that I win more than 90 percent of elims, negating of course the cheating crap that goes on with Dameon Angel and bioture specing me for winning. Try making sense when you comment

t0ma Jun 01, 2009

no &lt;3, the only dog I ever see you with is Zenabee

t0ma Jun 01, 2009

Ward, I think you were the first one ever on perm ignore. The most annoying idiot suicider in TW's. How do I stay small? Just keep owning you?

Ward May 31, 2009

You suck in game, and you suck in real life. Don't ever step up again. Stay small when I'm around, queer

NO <3 May 31, 2009

i would have been your dad but the dog beat me up the stairs.

Crunchy Nut May 31, 2009

Good entertainment reading this, out of curiousity do you still think you are better than everyone and your playstyle is the best despite 99% of tw hating you, did you know you have your own hate thread on tw forums? \o/

pee pee sock May 31, 2009

stfu t0ma. im in for the road trip, ill pick everyone up. say bye bye t0ma.

danyell!! May 31, 2009

Why all the hate to Toma? You are all pissed bc toma always wins elim. Get your panties out of a wad guys! Its only a game.... haha

Skyn May 31, 2009

LOL guy said &quot;Sirius, who are you?&quot; enough said. This guy is new, as if we all didn't already know.

t0ma May 31, 2009

Ward, you fucking emo pussy, mommas boy ass, suicide rushing, perm ignore garbage kid. You posted a picture of you with a sweater vest LOL!!!

Ward May 31, 2009

deathcaps suck. you ugly old faggot

t0ma May 31, 2009

Keith, you team in elim fag. Menthol, you ugly piece of trash, receding hair line bitch with an unfortunate baby. Rasaq, you have a hat on with no hair and most likely receding as well. L3MU3L, go suck on your dildo some more. Pwnd, you're an ugly bitch, yes. Sirius, who are you anyways? You think your smart pointing out invert colors?? LOL, if I really didn't want you to see me, there would be nothing there at all. It's ok man, I know you're feminine and an underdeveloped idiot posting the same pic with different shades. Have a nice shitty day bitches :D You could just shoot yourselves, but then you wouldn't be able to try and make life as shitty as yours for everyone else

Keith May 30, 2009

LOl you are pitiful afk.

Menthol May 30, 2009

rofl cant believe i got axed by groucho marx... look at those fuckin eyebrows... serious.. if groucho and harpo had a baby it would look just like you.. run and QQ moar k?

Rasaq May 30, 2009

Nice hair...you playing the role of Larry in the 3 Stooges movie with Jim Carrey?

L3MU3L May 30, 2009

What a faggot...

PWND May 30, 2009

you call me ugly??? LOOOOOOOOLLLLL fucking virgin

Sirius May 30, 2009

But I guess it makes sense...you went off on a rage in my comments section because I just added salt to the wounds, what with how badly you are getting ridiculed here, revealing a way to show your ugly mug to top it off was too much for you to handle =P

Sirius May 30, 2009

LOL dude I made a simple comment of how easy it is to see your shit-ass picture that you so wittily thought you could hide and you prattle for a paragraph in response to me? Good lord you are a tender little kid with frail feelings =P

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

LOL look how pissed t0ma is! ahahahah. come out of the closet, we all no ur gay. stop runnin. gg tho kid

Skyn May 30, 2009

yo ur on deathcaps. gg tho

t0ma May 30, 2009

Look at my curly hair! Look at all of these pieces of trash on my comment section. All but pps and danyell on perm ignore lol. You can't talk to me in the game w/o some alias so you come here? I like the ones with some gay ass pics for real talking shit about me. I own every fucking one of you in the game. Why hate? Just shoot yourself. Or do you only have a bb gun like pps?

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

pls erase that fagget pic. and uninstall the game, u have no wb skills. lol look at ur curly hair, u must b 1 ugly mutha fucka yo. gg tho

t0ma May 29, 2009

You should try putting a real gun to your head :D You say the dumbest shit on TW's. Why do I not have you on perm ignore?

pee pee sock May 29, 2009

t0ma, u ever gonna stfu? u flyin fagget fuck, gtfo the closet asshole

t0ma May 29, 2009

Hey &quot;Growing&quot;, why remove my comments? I just stated that you must be sucking mod cock for them to let you post a pic of weed and not let me post pics of some shrooms we found

t0ma May 29, 2009

Ya, you can invert colors, you're right. And me having downs syndrome lol!! You let someone with downs syndrome own you? How could someone with downs syndrome own someone who thinks his light saber gets pussy? Pwnd you're an ugly bitch on perm ignore for life. Danyell, you have beautiful blue eyes :P MAN!!

t0ma May 29, 2009

I had shrooms today :D This is all just confirmation of idiocy and confirmation of perm ignore material. GG losers.

PWND May 29, 2009

I expected this. Pussy in-game. Pussy irl.

Money May 29, 2009


Gripe May 29, 2009

ROFL now I see why he inverted it, guy looks like he has downs syndrome. Can't believe this virgin thinks he's good. &quot;Adapted a style&quot; ROFL

Gripe May 29, 2009

ROFL now I see why he inverted it, guy looks like he has downs syndrome. Can't believe this virgin thinks he's good. &quot;Adapted a style&quot; ROFL

Skyn May 29, 2009

colors are fucked up and u still ugly. good job.

danyell!! May 29, 2009

t o m a ! ! ! I C U . . . well kinda. haha =)

Sirius May 29, 2009

Lols just copy paste this shitslop into Paint and press invert colors, gg

Growing May 29, 2009

TOMA no one likes you plain and simple why talk? why type? no one wants to see your 2d text

Growing May 28, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA toma gets so mad you cant always run away from your problems oh and those blue dots on your screen :)

Badjob May 28, 2009

LOL... and he clowns me.. This guy is sooo bad.

t0ma May 28, 2009

And no &lt;3, I constantly own you in TW's, so I guess that means a clown, punk, pussy bitch owns you? LOL Zenabee is a fucking dog, you're both on perm ignore for life, so I guess you make a good couple. You can make piece of shit babies like yourselves; gd that's a fucked up image!

Valentine Rose May 28, 2009


NO <3 May 28, 2009

homo you look like a clown covering your face like a punk ass pussy bitch lookin kid

pee pee sock May 27, 2009

can i have goddess`s boobie pix? u need 3 computers to download those big ass titties. no?

t0ma May 27, 2009

For one thing you can't read and comprehend what I said. He is saying &quot;ginger fuck&quot;, you know like you with red hair? You've got to be retarded. You don't want pics of your fat ass topless do you? Remember those floating around when I didn't even know you? Just stfu, you don't know me bitch

Goddess May 27, 2009

whats wrong with mexican children? are you being racist Alan? Cause im sure we can get that stopped right away on here you need to chill dude or i really will post them.

t0ma May 27, 2009

LOL money has comments disabled. Here's one for you: You look as dumb as you play on TW's. You calling me a ginger fuck? Bitch you have red hair with your mouth wide open for cock. Oh ya, you had a kid with a mexican? Seems racist ppl say shit like &quot;ginger fuck&quot;.

t0ma May 27, 2009

I will never remove any comment from here btw, have a nice day :)

t0ma May 27, 2009

Lol and gripe, you erased my comment about you, how rude. I just said you are a wannabe, Elvis bed head, Luke skyassfucker bitch lol. Oh and I'm not a hillbilly, but if if I was, I'd be way cooler than you. Get your bitch ass handed to you in TW's pussy. Wearing your fucking painting from elementary school? And you have ANYTHING to say?

t0ma May 27, 2009

Curly ginger fuck LOL. For one thing moron, you can't fucking read. I said I have developed a style that's adapted from constantly dealing with laggers. I don't give a shit if you don't lag, it's the way I play. I win, you lose, game over as usual.

Money May 26, 2009

its what i do

pee pee sock May 26, 2009

LOL &quot;curly ginger fuck&quot; i love u money.

Gripe May 26, 2009

wtf is this? some photo puzzle game? you gonna remove one piece every week until your ugly hillbilly ass is revealed?

Money May 26, 2009

LOL he saying he only runs from laggers? what about the ppl with 10ms that you run from? newb get a legit excuse plz truth is you run from EVERYONE curly ginger fuck

Democrat May 24, 2009

You're on Deathcaps. Why talk shit if 2ez?

t0ma May 24, 2009

And goddess, you're on perm ignore for a reason. You try to defend your gay ass so-called bf that &quot;makes pretty babies&quot; lol You don't have to chase me if you don't want to; my style of play is a direct result of laggers that I refuse to let get close to me. If you don't like that, take it up with the gay mods that allow them to play :)

t0ma May 24, 2009

lol, you might as well be wearing a g.i.joe shirt pussy

Lenny May 24, 2009

Dude, you're trying hard to make fun of me yet you look totally like a doucher, I may have long hair but at least I look good and 2nd graders shirt? you're retarded

Goddess May 24, 2009

I've seen his pic and i have it... shall i post it? No i wont i'll be nice. He's not ugly but dam t0ma seriously u have to learn a new way to play this game. No bs no hating ok? Running until everyone but u is dead is not the way to play.

t0ma May 23, 2009

Learn english moron. How is that unrelated? You've got to be the gayest, dumbest piece of trash mod ever hired in tw's. You're not a famous rapper btw, you're probably just a wannabe snitch b/c nobody would even trust you LOL

Dameon Angell May 23, 2009

In a totally unrelated side story, no females has seen his picture.

t0ma May 23, 2009

Let the hate flood in!!! When you own in tw's this is what you get on your comment section LOL. I'm not showing any of you gay bitches my pic. Only females get the pleasure of seeing my pic.

NO <3 May 23, 2009

he is just showing you how dizzy he gets when he runs around the map all day and nite through his eyes

Dameon Angell May 23, 2009

You musta got a good camera to keep it from blurring your picture as you ran.

Lenny May 23, 2009

He's so ugly that he has to like put a bunch of queer coloring on it like a 2nd grader LOL

L3MU3L May 23, 2009

Why you scared to show a pic that shows what you look like? It's like your pic posting is similiar to your play style...like a pussy.

Weak May 23, 2009

wut da fuk

pee pee sock May 23, 2009

wow that 1 gay pic dude

Valentine Rose May 22, 2009

you're the worst player in TW. Period. p.s. My girl is bigger than me.

Gripe May 22, 2009

Where are your pics? Did they RUN AWAY?

Imagine May 21, 2009

I have had 4 aliases in the 10 yrs I have been playing.

Imagine May 20, 2009

Who are you kidding, you run whenever you are shot at.