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About Me

Age 35
Location Green Bay, WI USA
Gender Male
Personal website www.metalkid.info
Where I can be found ?find=MetalKid
More about me Got a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration in 2005. Currently working in GB as a Software Engineer consultant.

Things I Like 
Books Nothing as of late
Movies Pirates of the Carribean
Musics Video Game Remixes :)
Songs n/a


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MetalKid May 16, 2010

Thanks! Even though that was back in June of 2009! :)

MythriL May 15, 2010

congrats mk!

Zazu Dec 13, 2009

LOL Growing ! And congrats with your marriage, metalkid !

MetalKid Aug 14, 2009

Yep, that's who I married.

Growing May 28, 2009

whats up MetalMan? is that the wife to be? i want to say you look like a nerd but your getting married so you most likely get more pussy then i do right now :)

Lance May 05, 2009

<3 MetalKid