Chips <ER>
"come sit on my lap and lets talk about the first thing that pops up.."
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About Me

Location dun worry bout it
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website aint gonna tell ya.
Where I can be found Hunt, Elim, Pub, or dding
More about me haha if I want you to know Im gonna tell you.

Things I Like 
Books hustler
Movies porn..
Musics umm dunno
Songs dont care


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L3MU3L Apr 30, 2010

dude, who did that tattoo? i hope u didn't get it in a shop because that looks like shit man haha

flys Apr 23, 2010

looks like a 2 year old did ur tat...

Audrey Apr 16, 2010

Sup noob

Mobey Apr 14, 2010

shoot the guy who done you that tat, Chips.

MoNo. Apr 12, 2010

chips!!! those are crackers!

Chips <ER> Apr 08, 2010

... oops... no definitely not 100% thanks gold, lol vaped.

vaped Apr 08, 2010

This newb .... &lt;:

oops Apr 08, 2010

r u gay

GoldDustWoman Apr 07, 2010

WaHooWa ER Chips!!!! nice tat dude:D

Chips <ER> Apr 07, 2010

hey! oh by the way my tattoo is on my right hip.. painful!

Zazu Apr 07, 2010

Hi Chips!