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Cres Aug 25, 2016

he got u flowers he bringing them home right now

Cres Mar 17, 2013

Display Jan 30, 2011 yo wussup girl ..bet u want some cavities..with all this chocolate in yo mouf LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL hi tigbee

TiGBEE Oct 14, 2011

you nigga

Rasaq Oct 14, 2011

Who the hell you calling Rasaq?

TiGBEE Oct 14, 2011

what the deuce, whyd you add that photo rasaq?! :(

Rasaq Oct 14, 2011

Whodafuk u? Holla!

LiL*PiGGy Oct 13, 2011

y u so pretty?

TiGBEE Feb 07, 2011

yo, thats actually quite revolting.

Display Jan 30, 2011

yo wussup girl ..bet u want some cavities..with all this chocolate in yo mouf

Cres Dec 04, 2010

tigbee found out u photoshop me, thought we were FRIENDS u more heartless than rasaq it over </3

Cres Mar 14, 2010

LOL? only stalker rasaq has is kasaq...and thats him double clienting

TiGBEE Mar 12, 2010

i have absolutely no idea....prolly another stalker of yours.

Rasaq Mar 12, 2010

...who's Cres?

TiGBEE Mar 08, 2010

:) thanks.

Cres Mar 08, 2010

LOOOL makes sense, you are probably 10x better at bowling than him too gg

TiGBEE Mar 06, 2010

prolly 10x more heartless then rasaq, its why we're so good together.

Product Mar 03, 2010

4get rasaq, come with me. oh and btw u got some beautiful eyes

Mobey Mar 03, 2010

yo fuck rasaq, i'm 10x better.

Zazu Mar 03, 2010

Pretty, too bad you have no taste though.. Rasaq. LOOOOOOOOL!

Cres Mar 03, 2010

r u as heartless as rasaq?

Audrey Mar 02, 2010

you got some pretty eyes

TiGBEE Mar 02, 2010

thanks! its my blackberry flash, its insanely blinding.

Kinky-Girl Mar 02, 2010


FemalePersuasion Mar 02, 2010

You should lower brightness of that picture to show off your eyes. They are very pretty.

Missa Mar 02, 2010


Rasaq Dec 07, 2009


detartrateD Oct 24, 2009

glad to see ur happy rasaq, to bad we pwned u just a few minutes ago!!

TiGBEE Jul 16, 2009

lol @ poodle bear.

Ignite Jul 15, 2009

aww young love, thats cute.

ReKall Jul 15, 2009

So when are you gunna post a pic that says I love my Poodle Bear Rekall? :)

TiGBEE Jul 15, 2009

yeah right...

Rasaq Jul 13, 2009

Yum yum yum.

TiGBEE Jul 10, 2009


Rasaq Jul 07, 2009

I'll balance you better than I do the golf club.

TiGBEE Jul 07, 2009

no deal.

ReKall Jul 07, 2009


Rasaq Jun 30, 2009

*Wodette...and you got to let me boink the scraps out of you first, Rek.

ReKall Jun 30, 2009

sup lil WODIE...and i agree with rasaq. Id like to boink the scraps out of you.

Rasaq Jun 28, 2009


wicket666 Jun 24, 2009

hi tigbee

TiGBEE Jun 23, 2009

tonight baby :)

Rasaq Jun 23, 2009

Man...I'd like to boink the scraps out of you.

Rasaq Jun 06, 2009

What's up angel? I love you!

Rasaq May 26, 2009

Going to join your squad, Rekall...and axe you.

ReKall May 26, 2009

&lt;3 rasaq

ReKall May 26, 2009

Hey as soon as your ready for a real man just holler at me baby girl ;)

Exalt May 20, 2009

hi rasaq's girlfriend

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

wat a hottie.

Rasaq Apr 30, 2009

Sexiest girl to have ever played Trench! My American Gladiator! LoL...

Rasaq Apr 28, 2009

I love you!