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Age 33
Location Texas
Gender Female
Where I can be found ?go #*******


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FozzY2K Dec 14, 2012

Meow! :3

Wookiee's Cookies Nov 13, 2012

...You're not in Animal?

Wookiee's Cookies Nov 13, 2012

It's me. :D

Mani2312 Oct 06, 2012

Thanks though. I guess it's all nice to know I suck so bad that a friend of mine will have a go at me for "feeding." Why bother practising at all, right?

Mani2312 Oct 06, 2012

I was not feeding.

Mani2312 Sep 29, 2012

If TW are gonna start giving merchandise for pubbux then I wanna save up for stuff. But I'll give you monies when I next log on. :)

Mani2312 Sep 29, 2012

Sorry for killing you but you had stopped killing me! Want compensation?

FozzY2K Sep 26, 2012

Mmmmmmmmrrrrrrow =^.^= ~spins~ mew mew mewwwwww ~dizzyfall~ =s.s=

Mani2312 Sep 23, 2012

I see now how you are you. :p

Mani2312 Sep 23, 2012

Oh I see how it is.

Jill Shortmilk Sep 15, 2012


Monkaria Sep 10, 2012

Welcome back Nurse :)

Jill Shortmilk Oct 17, 2010

You are so pretty and cute! You should arrange for someone to design a 'Nurse' doll so that I can buy it and hang it from my car mirror :)

Mange Oct 04, 2010

:) Nurse is my homie. DISPLAY stop acting black kid i remember all that shiet u used to saw about black ppl lool

Hack <ER> Sep 27, 2010

no pee pee, they run from our family.

pee pee sock Sep 26, 2010

u look a lil dark, does black run in ur family?

Display Sep 24, 2010

i am african american.. not black. i am kind of offended by that nurse.

danyell!! Sep 24, 2010

Wb or gtfo converses ftw!

Slaughter Sep 23, 2010

hi nurse wanna duel ?

Multiplex Sep 22, 2010

I don't use any skin care products, lol.

Marlboros<TSK> Sep 22, 2010

BANNED FROM TW in the middle of our duel

Multiplex Sep 18, 2010

What's proactive?

Mobey Sep 12, 2010

show dat pearly white grill ;)

Monkaria Sep 09, 2010

OFC. <3 Ditto. Already have in your head. HAHA. <3 I win, absurd. <3

absurd99 Sep 07, 2010

Thanks babe :) You're beautiful...AND you're a nurse! I'd like to get to know you better but Monkaria has stolen you and is keeping you all to herself :(

Aniskywankers Sep 07, 2010


Attire Sep 07, 2010

me 2 her eyes r so dam sexy.

MoNo. Sep 07, 2010

love the eyes :3.

Attire Sep 07, 2010

ur so beautiful =D

Monkaria Sep 07, 2010

MYNURSEMYNURSEMYNURSEMNURSEMYRNUSEMYNURSE MINE. <3 <3 <3 I got you first. Hack can wait baby, you're with me. >:3

MoNo. Sep 03, 2010

:D yep! it is. In musical form!

Hack <ER> Aug 25, 2010

<3 kinda

MoNo. Aug 23, 2010

Nooo. You are gorgeous tho <3

Jill Shortmilk Aug 21, 2010


Monkaria Aug 20, 2010


pee pee sock Aug 15, 2010

LOL. i like u. ur lucky for that. or id troll u to shit

Monkaria Aug 14, 2010

<3 My nursey. Purr purr. <3 Perdy <3 Meow!

Monkaria Aug 13, 2010

AWW NURSEY NURSEY NURSEY NURSEY NURSEY!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Meow, meow meow!!!!!!! <3 <3 HACK GTFO she's always been mine. "Who makes the sammiches?" LOL <3

Hack <ER> Jul 22, 2010

gtfo my girl biaches :P heeeyyyyyy sexi

Monkaria Jul 19, 2010


absurd99 May 22, 2010

Your eyes are stunning!

9 Kisses May 15, 2010

Omg, we have the same hair. Good player. Nice eyes. :D

MoNo. May 15, 2010

Nice eyes. Looking purrrty.