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balu Dec 03, 2010

cute girl, i might go ahead and take her from ya

Monkaria Nov 15, 2010

Aw thanks! lol, you look pretty cute in the face! xD

pee pee sock Oct 05, 2010

wtf. u wanna meet irl? fukin cum in ur face kid, 12 times. gg tho eh?

Display Sep 24, 2010

damn mange i didnt think you were even 13 yet

danyell!! Sep 24, 2010

lol ty ty. =P

Fem. Sep 24, 2010

That black and white picture of you two is such a sweet picture. She obviously adores you.

TranceTunes Mar 03, 2010

ahh very nice! :)

Hustla Bebe Mar 02, 2010


Squadless Mar 02, 2010


TranceTunes Feb 28, 2010

hey whats up.. my parents moved from india to nj, usa--thats where i was born and raised :) so indian background :P

hungrywolf Feb 21, 2010

what up mange!

Display Feb 19, 2010

fukin faggot

danyell!! Feb 17, 2010

wow you are young :P haha

Mange Feb 06, 2010

yee :)im gonna take a recent picture when i find my camera

Zazu Feb 06, 2010