"yo solo se que no se nada"

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About Me

Location Miami
Gender Male
Where I can be found ?go afk

Things I Like 
Movies Illegal Tender,Scarface, Casino, Inception
Musics bachata, merengue, and hip-hop


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Myollnir Sep 25, 2011

dude u look like drake

ReBirth Sep 25, 2011

hehe, it means you're cute and i would like to have my way with you :p

LiL*PiGGy Sep 25, 2011

i could get what.... YES, im slow dont make fun :)

ReBirth Sep 25, 2011

@ LiL*PiGGy I'm pretty sure it's cuz i'm drunk in most of my pics :o

LiL*PiGGy Sep 24, 2011

y u have such cute eyes?

Jill Shortmilk Sep 24, 2011

Get... what?

Display May 28, 2010

thats how u represent bk hollla bakkk

Missa Dec 21, 2009

That is one epic badass spiderweb

Da1andonly Sep 25, 2009

nice hat on the 10th pic

Audrey Sep 09, 2009

Your eyes scream "IM WASTED" on that new pic haha

chars! Sep 09, 2009

oo are u PIMP?

ReBirth Aug 31, 2009

CHARS! you need some help :p I'm Dominican.

chars! Aug 30, 2009

from cuba?

Oat Aug 23, 2009

True G's play SubSpace.

Audrey Aug 15, 2009

ohai :o

papist Aug 08, 2009

the chick in the 3rd pic is prettayz..

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

2 bottles of goose, doin work son nice.

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Have you been to the new Yankee stadium yet? I went to the old one right b4 they closed it out.

Money May 27, 2009


SoJa May 26, 2009

Dominicano para siempre loco