"You give wat ya get"

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Age 33
Location Tn
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website Go.Fuk.Yourself
Where I can be found ?find Phillie wbduel twdd twjd elim duel w/e

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Books Dont Read
Movies Goodfellas 4 Life
Musics whatever sounds good atm


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Phillie Apr 13, 2011

im getting there man bout to get me a laptop so ill be on soon

Repent Apr 09, 2011

we miss ya bro...get active soon

Let Nov 04, 2009

wth! grow some and send it to me PHILLIE!

detartrateD Oct 30, 2009

Go PHILLIES! World Series in 6!

Kid Kaos Oct 16, 2009

I cant believe you asken me what kinda bud I smoke on! You should know!

Crop Circle Oct 02, 2009

I want your puppy!!!! so effini cute ;) GIMME !! :)

Phillie Oct 02, 2009

hahah money your right on that one looooollz auto flower who would think of that and thanks for the comments it was some good dro $$$$

Money Oct 02, 2009

lol @ these nerds "what strain is that" "looks like auto flower" stfu mobey u know dick

Missa Oct 02, 2009

hi loove <3

FemalePersuasion Oct 02, 2009


danyell!! Oct 02, 2009

thanks =) aww you have an itty bitty dog and an itty bitty plant. lol

Audrey Oct 02, 2009

gimmie the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phillie Oct 01, 2009

loooolz yea it was good bud $$$$ we will do it again sometime

Repent Sep 30, 2009

and lauren looks like shit in that pic

Repent Sep 30, 2009

yo that shit was fire tho LoL after winter over we growin more

Repent Sep 30, 2009

joe ur gay

Gripe Sep 30, 2009

Hey guy, I like your basil plant, it's always good to have fresh herbs for cooking.

Mobey Sep 30, 2009

what strains that? looks like an auto flower

Money Sep 30, 2009


Goddess Sep 30, 2009

ur mommy is adorable too :)

SnallTrippin Sep 30, 2009

I have called the police.

Kid Kaos Sep 30, 2009

What kinda budz you got phill?

ZypheN Sep 30, 2009

And here I was thinking you were Asian.