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About Me

Age 33
Location Portage, Indiana
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found In the Publics or in ?go base

Things I Like 
Books Lord of the Rings
Movies Spaceballs
Musics Slipknot
Songs My Plague


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Practice Target-094 Apr 30, 2013

ZypheN Aug 09, 2009

I <3 u po

Goddess Jul 31, 2009

k yeah u can stop looking at my pics now jerk... And please do make sure u throw the other pic you refused to post out as well ty

Insane Hotdog Jul 22, 2009

lol your the guy that can ban me from continuum rofl

PureOwnage Jun 25, 2009

On the left

PWND Jun 24, 2009

which one are you?

KillerGt Jun 05, 2009

Lookin pro in that suit, no wonder u got ur TWEL head op job, 2pro4life $$$ Keep up the work son!

Jolly Fat Man Jun 02, 2009

Checking me out I see. Well.. lets do this.

Weak May 23, 2009

purefugly, LOL jk <3

t0ma May 20, 2009

You would think that's a compliment. Post my pics bitch!

PureOwnage May 19, 2009

Trying to figure out if he's trying to insult me. :/

t0ma May 19, 2009

PO really stands for probation officer

Valholy May 15, 2009

visit me PO! we'll go to hooters

Jolly Fat Man May 14, 2009


MissLeesha May 12, 2009

My PO Teletubby <3 Figure it out yet?

Tabo Apr 27, 2009

Greatest Gallery op ever <3

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

did you post a picture of you at a funeral? -_-

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

if your the bigger guy, and if you was gay . the name pureowange would sure feat u . anyway you look like a great guy . if i come around ur parts i buy u beer .

PureOwnage Apr 22, 2009

Actually that's a wedding, but you're retarded so it's ok.

infrared Apr 19, 2009

HTF it's called church. You are supposed to dress nice to avoid being smited by god.

infrared Apr 15, 2009

is that against the rules? crap

L3MU3L Apr 11, 2009

ROFL Herman Munster...haha

PureOwnage Apr 11, 2009

Wondering why you're posting on 2 usernames.

infrared Apr 11, 2009

nice comment HTF, definitely sucking it up. P.S. where is your pic HTF?!

Ignite Apr 09, 2009

Herman Munster meets Jesus Camp.

Hate The Fake Apr 02, 2009

Nice tux, definitely pimping it out.