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Squad Avengers (since Jul 09, 2009)
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About Me

Age 34
Location Niagara Falls
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website myspace.com/2006
Where I can be found Pwnin in Elims/DD's
More about me 24 year's old 2 Children - 5 and 6 months! (boy, girl) Married to the most WONDERFUL husband ever - Randle!!

Things I Like 
Books Twilight Saga
Movies Twilight
Musics Hip/Hop


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Southerngal <ER> Jun 03, 2010

love the baby! so cute!

pee pee sock Jun 02, 2010


chars! May 30, 2010

aww so cute! ur baby look so sleeepy :D

MissLeesha May 30, 2010

Thanks guys! To clarify things...that is mine and Randles baby :) She's so much bigger now!

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

awwwwwwww is that yur bb sssoooooooo cute miss you

Zazu Feb 22, 2010

Is that you as a baby or your baby? =)

Havok Feb 22, 2010

damnnnnn that baby can get it.

Zazu Feb 07, 2010

Hitting the angles eh.. Cute eyes!

Pandagirl! Feb 05, 2010


Kid Kaos Feb 04, 2010

haha im a kid at heart still!! Your daughter is super cute! &lt;3

Jrahen Feb 02, 2010

&yacute; wanna be the worm &yacute;n ur ass

Mage+ Jan 19, 2010

miss you

Hustla Bebe Dec 10, 2009

lol hello, dont kno if yu rember mee from 7-6 months agoo but hows it goin??

Fork Sep 29, 2009


Kid Kaos Aug 03, 2009

Always thought Miss Leesha was a black chick for some reason just sounds like it.

infrared Jul 30, 2009

ur hair needs 2 be straighten

Weak Jul 08, 2009

k good :D

Weak Jul 02, 2009

u know we were married once? &lt;3

Mage+ Jun 26, 2009


Ri$e Again$t Jun 22, 2009

Pretty much work, party and chilling at my cottage, for the time being, enjoying my summer then ill be back in college again ;P, also dealing with the single life, not that bad, but i always like having a lady ;). Weak told me to stay away from you, supposedly your his wifey, it makes perfect sense now.

Democrat Jun 21, 2009

Hey.. Randle said I could borrow you.

R.I.P Jun 21, 2009

sorry if i offended you /:

Goddess Jun 20, 2009

haha GG!

Weak Jun 18, 2009

hey wifey.. love you :)

Flew Jun 18, 2009


Goddess Jun 16, 2009

rofl i used to think pwnd was jealous of me for some reason now i see what she's doing to you I KNOW ITS JEALOUSY... dont let this ugly bish zhit talk u hun. She's sitting there with fake hair twisted into dreads and u know what dreads mean right? she hasnt washed her hair in years. Skanky ho leave the girls alone. blacklist the bish and remove her comments leesha.

Ri$e Again$t Jun 16, 2009

Thought you both were engaged or married, thats what the cool kids said, what happened.

Ri$e Again$t Jun 16, 2009

I guess im the stud then, please don't say no, you'll make me cry.

New Jersey Jun 15, 2009


Ri$e Again$t Jun 15, 2009

Randle what a stud

Stab Jun 07, 2009

id give it a tap tap tappy

Havok Jun 05, 2009

id hit the top pic

MissLeesha Jun 02, 2009

pps do i really need to diet? listen to this shit talker talkin!! lolz don't know what they are sayin.. love haters they make me famous :)

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

randles a fat fuck. me like u. gg tho

Growing May 30, 2009

the up angle with the bright light and make up makes you look way diff then the first pic

MissLeesha May 29, 2009

Actually those are all mine :P No angles or lighting :)

Growing May 28, 2009

its gota be the lighting and angle

Elven May 21, 2009

heya love ur eyes

carburetor May 21, 2009

your right, L3M is in a class all of his own, id kill to mkae my living by taking pictures of my self and sending them to magazines for sasquatch sightings. dont get me started on you, im rather short on time, with all the other tw nerds begging for attention from me. yawn. bye byez! (i dont like being mean, they set the mood, i follow through.)

danyell!! May 20, 2009

LEEESSHAAAAAAAA!!! &lt;33333 =)

pee pee sock May 20, 2009

wooooooo :D

Exalt May 20, 2009

you remind me of lindsey lohan in the first pic

Exalt May 20, 2009

so this is the famous couple huh

NO <3 May 15, 2009

lol @ vallholy comment, truth ftw

Condom May 14, 2009


Valholy May 14, 2009


Schfifty-Five May 12, 2009


L3MU3L May 11, 2009

i'm diggin the new pic, u know my email where are my nudes

Ohmalee May 10, 2009


R.I.P Apr 22, 2009

aw you're really cute missleesha :)

L3MU3L Apr 10, 2009

Just wanted u to know if u and rand don't work out i'm here for ya...I LOVE THOSE SEXY LIPS BABY!