Dank Budz
"Be true to your work, your word, and your friend. -Thoreau"
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Last 3 Squads  24/7 bd   Wolf   FU INC.   
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About Me

Gender Male
Where I can be found Wherever my keyboard leads me
More about me School teacher in training type.

Things I Like 
Books 1984
Movies Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ghost Busters, the first 3 Police Academys, anything with John Candy
Musics Nirvana, Disturbed, GN'R, Creed, Blues Traveler, bout anything.


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Mani2312 Oct 23, 2015

where the fuck is futurama when you need it?

Dank Budz Aug 16, 2013

Futurama going off air again, sucks!

RuBbEr BoMb Oct 30, 2012

Congrats on cap promotion Dank! I should make something out of my own player space too :D

Mani2312 Oct 28, 2012

No way... That's only the log for the past few weeks... I thought I had it all saved but there must be an untold character limit. The new messages just replaced the old ones! :(

Mani2312 Oct 28, 2012

You read the whole thing!? That must have took ages! Heh, see Saver1's profile for my reasons. :D People often mention Lil*Piggy's nudes but I still ain't seen 'em. :p

Dank Budz Oct 28, 2012

<3 u Mani

Mani2312 Oct 03, 2012

Thank you for your monies! :O

Steep Nov 30, 2011

oh dam, you remind me of someone but cant get the name on my mind...

Dank Budz Nov 30, 2011

Sittin' here watching futurama, so psyched that Comedy Central brought it back!

24 Feb 04, 2011

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Green = $25-$49