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Mani2312 Oct 23, 2015

OMG you left LTKings. :(

RuBbEr BoMb Nov 28, 2012

Sorry for leaving LTkings ppl, but Ossify is back up.. been my squad for over 3 years ;)

Dank Budz Nov 03, 2012

:( was wondering RIP

RuBbEr BoMb Oct 30, 2012

NP Mani, you can tk me anytime :D

Mani2312 Oct 11, 2012

Sorry for killing you while you were levi, I was just raging at the amount of times you guys killed me. lol

BrickRed Sep 22, 2011

Who is Sniffles?

RuBbEr BoMb Sep 11, 2011

Just found out that Sniffles passed away. RIP sweetie