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About Me

Gender Male
Where I can be found ?GO GYM
More about me Been lifting for 3 years, love the sport and lifestyle. Living by this great quote from Arnie.................................................... "The only way to be a champion is by going through these forced reps and the torture and pain. That's why i call it the torture routine. Because its like forced torture. Torturing my body. What helps me is to think of this pain as pleasure. Pain makes me grow. Growing is what i want. Therefore for me, pain is pleasure. And so when i experience pain I'm in heaven. It's great." -Arnold schwarzenegger

Things I Like 
Books The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, The High Def Handbook by Frank Zane
Movies Godfather Trilogy, Witness to the Mob, American Psycho, The Omen, Police Academy, Naked Gun, Silence of the Lambs, Gladiator
Musics 2pac and Biggie Smalls.
Songs One Mic - Nas, 2pac - Hail Mary, Biggie - Juicy, Dead Prez - Hip Hop, Jay-Z - On to the next one


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qpr Mar 25, 2013


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 29, 2012

Oh hiro!

Second Shot Feb 01, 2012

hormone depletion due to excess production of testosterone and release of dopamine. Read about it. Good luck, bro.

LiL*PiGGy Feb 01, 2012


Monkaria Feb 01, 2012

mhm :p

Jinbe Jan 30, 2012


Monkaria Jan 30, 2012

Yo, wasn't me. :p

Cadbury Jan 28, 2012

why thank you.

Second Shot Jan 28, 2012

enjoy a life of depleted testosterone levels after 30 yrs old with all that procreatine shit.

Nao Jan 28, 2012

Ya that's the idea.

Jinbe Jan 27, 2012

Not much you?

BrickRed Jan 08, 2012

yup Big L has some sick lyrics, one of the best lyricist of all time

Spearminty Jan 05, 2012


Spearminty Jan 05, 2012

I got slugs for snitches, No love for bitches, Puttin thugs in ditches, When my trigger finger itches, Crimes are drug related, And we live by the street rules that thugs created, Clowns get smoked about a thousand volts....OHHHH YEAAAAHHH ITS ONNNNN

Postman Pat! Jan 03, 2012

It tried to once but I wasn't really feeling it, so I cut it's fucking head offff!

Postman Pat! Jan 01, 2012

y u lie? my cat does grim stuff too me

Monkaria Dec 31, 2011


jesska Dec 31, 2011

thanks :)

BrickRed Dec 14, 2011

rofl gtfo

Spearminty Dec 12, 2011


Spearminty Dec 12, 2011


Spearminty Dec 12, 2011


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 10, 2011

Never knew women takes whey. lol

Monkaria Dec 10, 2011

Mhm :p

Steep Dec 08, 2011

cornwell good i even wished his work for christmas :)

Monkaria Dec 08, 2011

Nah, my gramps was just born there then he moved to Lebanon. His family were all Lebanese though. I am totally Lebanese. :p

Monkaria Dec 07, 2011


Monkaria Dec 07, 2011

My grandma was born in Cyprus. Don't be smokin' near my piano, you'll make it stinky :p

hungrywolf Dec 06, 2011

Just started back to the gym a month ago. Got a long way to go.

Monkaria Dec 06, 2011

Thanks :p I do try. I am learning Liebestraum in A flat major by Liszt at the moment. It's very nice.

LiL*PiGGy Dec 05, 2011


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 05, 2011

LOL wouldn't dare too. Because I guess its what Males at the gym takes.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 01, 2011

You can never have too many! Tho i like those proteins pic too whey is the way to go!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 29, 2011

What happen to your memememes :( Those were funneh.

BongHits&BigTits Nov 28, 2011


ZypheN Nov 27, 2011

Gym ftw.

Second Shot Nov 27, 2011

get off steroids

Nessy Nov 16, 2011

Have most of your bodily organs been replaced with bicep? If so, pics, and keep up the good work. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---

Dropout Bear Nov 14, 2011

well, if i see you in TW i'll talk to you about it. dun want my business around these jokers. how many calories a day do you plan to eat?

Monkaria Nov 13, 2011

Sweet. I like their eyes and fur. But I don't believe in fur for fashion.

Dropout Bear Nov 13, 2011

i dont lift as much as i'd like. i have a mental illness. i kno that sounds like an excuse but it gets BAD. so i like when i see ppl lift and dedicate themselves to the lifestyle. gl in your bulk, time to eat eat and eat eh?

Dropout Bear Nov 12, 2011

impressive stack bro! keep killin it in the gym

Monkaria Nov 11, 2011

Yeah, Dobermans were originally bred for that purpose. But I don't want one for protection :p I want one because they look so cute! I think I want a Doberman and a Husky.

Monkaria Nov 10, 2011

You know, they cut the ears and tail off Dobermans when they're young to make them look scary. I don't want that to happen to my hypothetical Doberman.

Monkaria Nov 09, 2011

Oh my, then it looks like the culprit is somewhere else. I want a pet Doberman Pinscher.

Monkaria Nov 09, 2011

Beep, beep. LOL, I love your description. Is the dog called Scooby Doo? :p

Steep Nov 01, 2011

i offer 3 spacebux to put tiesto on music spot :>

Nessy <ZH> Oct 18, 2011

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brick. You are seriously one of my favourite TWers. EMERGENCY PRESENTS FTW!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 17, 2011

Yeah, just wanna be young again <_< haha im kidden. I miss the name.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 17, 2011

Hahah nice.

2pacZ Sep 22, 2011


Mossad Aug 10, 2011

You are right, I don'e mean that. I just don't see why i would need to gain your trust back, I never lost it.

Monkaria Aug 10, 2011

50 dollars, take it or leave it :p

Cee Lo Aug 10, 2011

I havn't this past year, but normailly yes.

Mossad Aug 04, 2011

i don't really care if you trust me or not, i dont care. actually i dont even know what you talking about kid.

Monkaria Aug 04, 2011

LOL you're such a funny guy <3 careful, or my highest offer will be $50.00 ^_^

Monkaria Aug 03, 2011

Please don't be so hurt with the truth ^^

MoNo. Aug 02, 2011

Aww why thank you!

LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011

hah yea? :)

Mossad Jul 30, 2011

hey Friend <3 this is real mossad call me Yitzy.

Monkaria Jul 28, 2011

You should be glad I offered anything at all. Well, it's your loss and it ain't coming back ;)

Jill Shortmilk Jul 28, 2011

....you done?

MoNo. Jul 23, 2011

I'm very picky when it comes to displaying some artwork lol.

Monkaria Jul 22, 2011

Seems like kitty has no chance then. TOUGH LUCK. I'd like to see Melvina and Melvin do a ragecomic :p

Crissy Jul 15, 2011


Monkaria Jul 15, 2011

Gotcha. This melvin guy seems like a nice chap? I think melvin and kitty should have a get together.

Monkaria Jul 11, 2011

And "Musics".

Monkaria Jul 11, 2011

Also I'd like to place a bid on "Movies" please.

Monkaria Jul 11, 2011

YAYAYAYAAYYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!! I love these ragecomics :3 I love cats. I adore cats. Cats are the best. I wish I had a pet cat (I will when I move out). They are so cute. Cats are the best. Cats! Cats! Meow!

Monkaria Jul 08, 2011

Johnny: Hey look everyone, I got a mango! Momma: That's a telegram, sweetie Johnny: Right, what did I say? Momma: Just read it, dear. Johnny: "To unseal envelope, peel back flap and..."

Savey Jul 08, 2011

yo brick :)

Jolly Fat Man Jun 24, 2011

11.5 when I ran it in HS.. I ran mostly 400 up.

Monkaria Jun 22, 2011

I watch Johnny Bravo too! "To you, our Goddess, we give you this virgin sacrifice!" "Did she just say virgin?" xD

qpr Jun 22, 2011


MoNo. Jun 21, 2011

Thanks man!

Monkaria Jun 19, 2011

Never heard of it :3 I watch Pokemon and Sailor Moon!

LiL*PiGGy Jun 19, 2011


qpr Jun 19, 2011


qpr Jun 19, 2011

Yes, because QPR will be premier league champion within 2 years

Monkaria Jun 13, 2011

OMG yeah. Cheesecake.mmmmmm,....

Mossad Jun 10, 2011

ya, lol.

H3CZ Jun 08, 2011

LOL good one ;D

Display Jun 08, 2011


Monkaria Jun 08, 2011

You ate ditto's flapjacks, DIDN'T YOU? :(

Display Jun 07, 2011

50 cent

Mossad Jun 04, 2011

no but its famous new york city line

Okay [0G] Jun 04, 2011


Monkaria Jun 04, 2011

If you tried to punch Ditto, it would just mould to your punch because Ditto is a jelly (British sense of jelly). You can't hurt my ditto, or I will get Gyarados on you.

Zazu Jun 03, 2011


MoNo. Jun 02, 2011

Love the first picture. Totally ROFL'd Me

Monkaria Jun 01, 2011

I adore ditto. Ditto could copy your charizard. Ditto would beat charizard in all combat.

Monkaria May 29, 2011

Digimon is the baddest copy of Pokemon. First 3 seasons of Pokemon are good, the rest, not so much... I'm still waiting for Ash and Misty to get married. Told Octillary your message he says "octillary! octillary!"

Mossad May 28, 2011

I Volunteer for the Mossad.

Monkaria May 27, 2011

Rofl, it's a window cleaning/floor cleaning thing. And it's Octillary that will be used, not you silly! I'd use your ink for my quills and parchment instead!

Monkaria May 25, 2011

Like 8 tails :p Squeegee* http://floorscrubberss.com/wp-content/uploads/2011 /05/Squeegee.jpg I wonder if octopus ink can be used for pen ink.

Bruno Mars. May 24, 2011


Disappearance May 24, 2011

ok choke slam

Disappearance May 24, 2011

I could slamchoke you and make u brain dead in one move

Mossad May 24, 2011

LOL BrickRed, No i am not a spy, and if I was I wouldn't tell you.

Monkaria May 23, 2011

Yeah, I guess. Probably. Ever seen the pokemon Octillary? It's a red octopus. I want to use it as a squigee.

Monkaria May 23, 2011

Rofl, no, but I think now it is. They seem to have a lot in common. You're popular on TWGallery now :p People like the rage comics.

danyell!! May 23, 2011

i <3 forever alone guy. lol fufufufufufuufufufu =p

PIGSisPIGS May 21, 2011

As long as its that sweet jazz flute.

Jill Shortmilk May 21, 2011

Nothing, I'm not an archeologist.

Monkaria May 21, 2011

Also, I have never experienced anything like someone pooping into a washing machine. That's just cruel D:

Monkaria May 21, 2011

Some mornings :( I'm pretty sure it only happens when it knows I would hate it worst.

MoNo. May 21, 2011


PIGSisPIGS May 20, 2011

Of course! You gotta be good with a six gun thought

Zombie May 20, 2011

The fuck you talking about rofl.

Monkaria May 20, 2011

Stubbing toe on a bed + sleeping in bottom bunk then getting out of bed and hitting head on top bunk = paaaaaaaain.

Disappearance May 20, 2011

choke slam = pro

jesska May 20, 2011

they are a beautiful thing for sure. :)

Jill Shortmilk May 20, 2011

And I shall honour your devotion.

Jerome May 19, 2011

hahaha that is the mayor of shreveport, and he is a hilarious man

Monkaria May 19, 2011

Well, he has the rest of reality to deal with.

LiL*PiGGy May 19, 2011

hah... good one ..

Jill Shortmilk May 19, 2011

Did we not have this discussion already?

LiL*PiGGy May 18, 2011


Monkaria May 18, 2011

Lego hurts so much to step on.

LiL*PiGGy May 18, 2011

Meh, im a teen. I do without thinking =]

Vulcan May 18, 2011

Lars Monsen Canada is worth a watch.. He tours 2 years and 7 months with his pack of dogs.

Vulcan May 18, 2011

naw, i prefer this guy -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQMHKWfnDzo

Vulcan May 17, 2011

Bear Grylls talks too much.

LiL*PiGGy May 17, 2011

no not really.

jesska May 17, 2011

No, Upstate NY; the Adirondacks. Near Canada. :P

Monkaria May 16, 2011

Totally awesome. Did you see the snail picture I have? It's a snail from around 150 million years ago. From the SEA.

PIGSisPIGS May 16, 2011

Pimpin' all over the wooooooorld

Cojafoji May 16, 2011

My eyes are not going in different directions, but yes, I am a mother fuckin' wizard.

LiL*PiGGy May 16, 2011

The rat <3 yes. and the tats, yes..

LiL*PiGGy May 15, 2011

What .. is?

Monkaria May 15, 2011

Exactly, that's what's so great about them. I've been a sufferer of the "It must be 3am..." :p I listen to a band called The Octopus Project. Under the sea, do they listen to that too?

ZypheN May 13, 2011

This is amazing.

Monkaria May 13, 2011

I love those animations!