"Happiness isnt about being perfect its about looking beyond the imperfections "

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Age 25
Location canada
Gender Female
More about me just ask and ill tel yeah


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Missa Jul 26, 2014

Giiirl, you photoshopped one photo so hard, your nose is almost gone. Da fk?

Second Shot Apr 08, 2012

actually, happiness is being perfect and having lots of money

Second Shot Jan 21, 2012

what does your name mean

Red Alice Sep 25, 2011

hola bella dama

Primary Sep 24, 2011

ahahahaha he's got a small little robe and he's all like "the f u want, wanker" yeah hes for some reason got an english accent in my head, fuckin awesome :)

BrickRed Sep 22, 2011

what am i supposed to do here?

BongHits&BigTits Sep 21, 2011

hey there good lookin

Boofcat Sep 21, 2011

wow timid tiger is a mean guy. who is this slim, attractive woman and why can't she crack a smile?

Heisman Sep 21, 2011

1. im not an ugly chick. 2. im not trying to get attetion from LOSER ASS GUYS who could possibly think you are anything but horrible looking. Get a grip on reality hun. xD. wow.. im so mean don't hate me. ur beautiful

Mossad Sep 17, 2011

Cel ?

Mossad Sep 16, 2011

very nice pictures. no idea who is who. God BLess your family.

Heisman Sep 12, 2011

ew piggy or put penis away

LiL*PiGGy Sep 12, 2011

yyyyeeeeeeeeeee!! show them how it's doonne

LiL*PiGGy Sep 12, 2011

y u so cute? <3

BongHits&BigTits Sep 10, 2011

mama cita

LiL*PiGGy Sep 07, 2011

hahahahaha same as my sisters son :P

LiL*PiGGy Sep 07, 2011

your son is so adorable now. and jesus are you gorgeous :D

The Stoned Killer Sep 06, 2011


Tr1pW1rE Sep 06, 2011

ello there hawtness :) <3

brotha flex Sep 05, 2011

your cute <3