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qpr Mar 17, 2013

Praise da Lord

Mani2312 Oct 16, 2012

That was weird.

Mani2312 Oct 10, 2012

I see...

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 10, 2012

Well insaults as a hello isnt to nice where i come from ;)

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 09, 2012

Lol you clearly dont know a whore when u see one

Mani2312 Oct 05, 2012

Hey. I don't think that's Lil Piggy. It's Bane from the latest Batman movie.

Kinky-Girl Jun 14, 2012

hell yea

Audrey Apr 21, 2011

You look like you eat kitten for breakfast, bunnies for lunch, and children for dinner =(

Dropout Bear Mar 12, 2011

nice looking mustang. as nice as it is i don't like fords. DODGE FTW!

Cres Mar 07, 2011

how ur shoulder a bicep

Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

yes i know -.-

Kinky-Girl Mar 07, 2011

LOL what a whore "it" is XD

Ri$e Again$t Mar 07, 2011

Take it ez on the bromance, my Gaydar just alerted me. Btw kin you have no idea if shes a whore or not, just saying man.

Raazi Mar 07, 2011

Neither am i... and idk, i consider myself to be pretty chill

Raazi Mar 07, 2011

Cuz i dont act like this irl and you look like the type of person i'd take it easy with

Raazi Mar 07, 2011

i had some up earlier but i had to take them down because of all these chicks wetting their panties, oh and if we met irl we would probably be good friends

Raazi Mar 07, 2011

i dont post them cuz im too good looking 2 get trolled and hit on by the ugly majority who play this game

Nanners Mar 06, 2011

ur from dragonforce aren't u.

Kinky-Girl Mar 06, 2011

Hey Kin <3

PIGSisPIGS Mar 06, 2011

nice LeMans. 1969?

Sheriff Mar 06, 2011

what engine is that?