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About Me

Age 25
Location Florida
Gender Female
More about me I'm Blonde That's all you need to know. :p

Things I Like 
Books I don't read
Movies Lord Of The Rings!
Musics I like alot of music. Rock~N~Roll Baby!


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Zazu Jan 31, 2012

Welcome back! : ))

BrickRed Jan 27, 2012


Kinky-Girl Mar 03, 2011

hahahah ugly whore

weed master.. Mar 01, 2011

a mean mother steps and says to me HI. looks ally in the face and punched her in the eye... punched her in the belly and stepped on her feet.. slammed the child on the hard concrete. haha :)

Zazu Feb 07, 2011

Zazu> ?find jackedupgrill Not online, last seen more than 10 days ago

weed master.. Jan 29, 2011

im gonna shank you :) LIAAAAARR

Zazu Jan 07, 2011

Why not? TW seems to miss you.

Zazu Jan 03, 2011

All good! You? =)

whom? Dec 20, 2010

LoL. Well-played. We should see pictures of your bulldog just because of your name, then. :D

whom? Dec 19, 2010

Do you have a jacked up grill?

Zazu Dec 19, 2010

Sup JackedUpGrill! <3

pee pee sock Dec 16, 2010


danyell!! Dec 13, 2010

You look just like him.. =)